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Any Tips?


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My eldest lad (17) has just bought himself a second-hand CR125 and is getting himself geared up to do some moto-x.

Any tips or advice would be helpful, where could we find out about the dos and don'ts of bike prep, practice and training, etc.

Does anyone know if there are mx schools/instruction for beginners they could recommend?

Many thanks!

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Where abouts in the country are you based?

Forget road racing unless you have got money to burn! :blink:

Sounds like a good lad with his head screwed on.

AMCA are taking licence appliction now, you need to join your local club to get one.

Adult licence is 140 for the year, join club 10/20,

Then race entries are 10/20 a day, 5 quid for fuel.


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Guest Griggsy

Griggsy's Mrs here..

We have been to Winchester today with Joe. Really good beginner track. Look up tonymoto in google. They do lessons there I think. Really well run with medics and marshalls on hand.

Also one at Tolworth and Lynne.... these are not open agan until March/April time.

Hope this helps


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