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Hi All...

We have been owners of the Forum for nearly two years now - and made a few changes that suit our other business interests. During that time we have seen the modest use of the site dwindle and that has continued to this point, where there is very little interaction. We acknowledge that there is a great history and loyal affection for Motoforum.net and want it to continue to attract motorcyclists commentary, views and ideas. The following would outline out thoughts and the future shape of the Forum...

  • Motoforum.net is not a profit making platform and does not intend to be so at any stage in the future. That is why you will see very little in terms advertising moving forwards - and commercial posting is discouraged.
  • The Forum is as 'open' as it always was, for people to air their views and open up topics of their choice. Moderation has almost been non-existent recently, in respect of that ethos. 99% of the posts we get and see, are very reasonable in terms of subject matter and tone, so credit to 'you guys' - looks like you know how to look after yourselves!
  • Motoforum.net - will not return as a Sales Platform in the future. There are many other places to effectively advertise the bikes, parts and kit many are both selling and seeking - we would prefer people to use those.
  • We would like to establish a relationship with a new Moderator that has the interest and time to help build back some of the 'community' that has been lost - as well as keeping things aligned with good practice too. If anybody is genuinely interested - please feel free to let us know.

I hope that helps people understand Motoforum's position - we are keen to re-establish a strong on-line community that can engage without agenda or prejudice.


Motoforum Team

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The facility for free advertising has gone Dave 🤨 and people rarely post anything else  

it’s a real shame, I’ve used this since it was the old ms dos site. The forum changed hands relatively recently and pauls (the founder of the site) ethos behind the forum has been lost somewhere along the way. 

I recall my conversation with Paul prior to administering the site for a few years.  His values were simple, site was intended to help anyone that raced motorcycles without fear of interaction from any of the governing bodies if you had opinions or issues with said club or body. The site is relatively unmoderated other than a 13 year old girl shouldn’t be offended by anything written 😁 and threats of violence were also unacceptable. Any revenue created over and above the running costs (trade advertising) was donated to the rob vine fund. That figure ran into the thousands. 

Maybe Mark could rethink this current model? 😃



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1 minute ago, davemfox said:

Thanks for the insight. I've been on and off here since 2004 and found it full of helpful people and interesting articles, plus the sale boards too!

Here's hoping it comes back to alive in 2021 ready for the start of the season...


Times change and things move on I guess. If the current platform is here to stay ill do something myself mirroring what we did before. No intention of stepping on toes but if the old idea isn’t of interest anymore I’ll repackage it myself. 

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  • 1 month later...

something needs to be done surely ! This was without doubt the best forum of all of them! So much great knowledge and info! If I ever had a problem or question regarding racing I always got the expertise here ! It’s really sad to see it going down the tubes!

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Just popped in to see if there were any Panigale race parts for sale and a wander thru the sale ads, which is normally what I use for. It links out, site has hardly anything in there at all! What a shame, I pointed loads fo people here over the years for advice, buying a DJ selling bike stuff.  

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Been a great tool for Buying / Selling bits in the past and always good to have a mooch around the posts n find useful stuff...  As Quarrybends said... now the platform for selling to the exact audience you need has gone,  its just gone downhill...   even found myself looking on TDR again......  

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