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  1. Thicker radiators do improve cooling but also increase drag. Before you worry about new radiators make sure the fairing meets the radiator to reduce air going around it rather than through it. Crescent always used to increase the side tanks on their stock radiators but keep the standard core as the additional thickness wasn't worth the additional drag.
  2. Just to complicate things FGR100 were from 2009.
  3. Had several Vitos. Will be buying another as soon as I can raise some money.
  4. Rather depends on the make of the damper but the offset form the yokes to the tank is slightly different.
  5. Rather depends on the make of the damper but the offset form the yokes to the tank is slightly different.
  6. Just be aware that many of the Sky packages don't include Eurosport to choose carefully if you want BSB & WSB.
  7. We use a company that prints metal heat exchangers. They are so much more efficient due to the tiny bore sizes that would be impossible to machine and can be made to fit in very awkward spaces that would otherwise be wasted. I also know of one company that prints titanium rollover bars for F1 at a fraction of the weight due to the honeycomb internals or the air pressure sensors that went from twelve different parts to a single printed part. They then found they could double up and build two sensors in to a much smaller space than one. Next step was the realisation that they could print thirty
  8. We also had issues with ULTRAT although not quite as bad as the ABS.
  9. We print using ABS, for parts such as battery boxes, as it is fairly non-conductive. Biggest challenge is ensuring it doesn't bow and lift off the print bed which seems to be the biggest challenge with certain materials and printers at the cheaper end of the market. In the end we found it much easier to CNC machine out of other materials to improve on the non-conductivity side of things. We had some parts printed in titanium which proved to be cheaper than printing aluminium due to the reduced machine time required compared to aluminium.
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