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  1. So Rossi is going to do another year! Having been an avid fan over his career, do I think he will ever win another race? I'm my honest opinion, no Even though Rossi is still incredibly talented, when it comes to saving little mistakes, personally it seems his reactions are not quite there anymore. To be at the front of a MotoGP race now, everyone is on a knifes edge. Let me know your thoughts
  2. As much as I agree with Lin moving on, during the weekend it seemed that Fabio was also having front brake issues. Yamaha as a manufacturer have been second rate for a good few years now. I am really enjoying it, but to have KTM come into MotoGP and be able to produce a bike that four different riders can run up the sharp end on, is embarrassing to the old guard. 2020 is a strange year in many ways, but the pattern of new riders and teams is quite refreshing.
  3. First win and definitely first blood to Fabio. With Rins out, Crutchlow injured and Marquez with a broken arm, this could throw up a huge surprise. If Fabio wins again this weekend and has a 50 point lead over Marquez with a 13 round championship, then the pressure is definitely on. What do you guys think?
  4. Marc will stay, he's in it to break the record books. Alex is a slow burner and will need at least 2 years to get up to speed of consistently running at the sharp end.
  5. With the much anticipated start of the season upon us, what's your top five for the MotoGP race on Sunday?
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