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  1. I think there's still a lot that needs to fall into place for it to happen....a lot... but in terms of road racing, any new event is good for the sport. There's an in-depth feature in UK Clubsport magazine this month where they've asked some of the top road racers what their thoughts are and if they'd have a crack.
  2. Kind of want Tom Sykes to win. Expecting Rea to win. Hoping Redding is in the fight. Assuming a Brit will be on top.
  3. Finally, a new road race! Looks like it'll be a cracker and it seems to have all the right people on board. But I think the big question here is - will it be a repeat of the Welsh Road Race? Only time will tell I suppose... set to run Oct 2021, so a good bit of time for planning. *note - it's not actually called the Isle of Wight TT, it's the Diamond Races... I don't want the island suing for breach of what have you.
  4. Horst is in an induced coma after a crash at the Red Bull Ring - 'critical' condition apparently... his team said he was testing and lost brakes at the top of the hill, turn two. He's definitely one of the good guys, very rarely without a smile. Fingers crossed he pulls through!
  5. You have to think that’s Marc out. In all fairness to Alex whether or not he’s shown Marc’s brilliance, if he gets booted in favour of Espargaro without ever really having a proper go, big brother won’t be happy. So I guess to Marc, the question is: what’s more important, your career or two fingers to the team that is potentially ditching your brother? I bet the champ is out at the next contract lapse.
  6. @mdg300 Can't help on the opinion side but it's worth keeping your eye on Racebuykz, there are some seriously well sorted Superstock 1000 bikes from the BSB paddock up for sale on there - Hawk Suzukis, Keith Farmer and Alastair Seeley Tyco BMWs, Ten Kate Hondas, a few R1s and some MSS Kawasakis too. Definitely worth a look. For what it's worth, a fair few racers who have ridden them say the R1 handles a lot like an R6 or smaller bike, just with more power. Seems to go very well.
  7. That’s why there’s only a fiver down 😂 I think bad fortune would have to hit Dean or Pete for anyone else to win if I’m honest. There’s very, very little that can stop those two at this point.
  8. You have to imagine he's on for a win in 2021... I know Hicky and Deano will be leading the pack as usual, but it'll be three years for Todd at the TT next season and that's traditionally when you see them fall into a strong groove. I'll put a fiver on a Supersport win.
  9. Which leaves a lot of teams out of action. Bemsee would be the next realistic place for them to pick up grid spots as they generally have the next biggest club sidecar grids, but Bemsee could be chockablock as it is. I've heard a few people say 'good on the FSRA' for bowing out early. I think they took the realistic approach and to be fair, I don't think anyone blames the bosses. I suppose we'll see which other club sidecar classes fill up then! Could be questionable whether the British Sidecars even run, as BSB programmes will be packed as it is.
  10. I certainly don't. I know it fills some sort of void, but that has to be a tiny void if race fans are actually interested in watching it. I know eSports and gamer people might enjoy it as it's their thing... I suppose it keeps them all busy, but when you see a report for a pretendy virtual race it's a bit silly... just my 2p.
  11. While I do love sidecars, I don't have a favourite... As it stands, Dave is still - by the numbers - the best. He has 17 IOMTT wins among 30 podium finishes - and yes he's had DNFs in the past two years, but he was third in 2017 so he's hardly off pace. He's also won with eight different passengers... Meanwhile, Ben and Tom are on 10 wins each and to be fair, they look absolutely unstoppable. BUT, with the best will in the world and luck on their side, which we know isn't always there at the TT, Ben will need at least another four years to eclipse Dave's record. Tom, of course, is al
  12. Teesside on for testing with a limit of 10 riders/drivers from Wednesday, No Limits Trackdays back at Cadwell and Donington a week from Tuesday... BARC circuit - Croft, Combe, Pembrey, etc are still on a longer suspension from action and as far as I know Knockhill isn’t running a thing until at least the start of July. I suppose there’s the argument of “if you don’t want to go, don’t go”... but should tracks be allowed to run? Should it just be up to the people? It’ll be interesting to see how full Trackdays are for the foreseeable future - I’m betting chockablock.
  13. Reading between the lines of the ACU’s announcement yesterday, basically they’re hoping to be back to racing in line with the government’s phase three - scheduled currently to start July 4, just as our colonial cousins will be celebrating. Sort of remains to be seen how everything progresses, but I know there’s lots of discussion right now whether it’s right or wrong to go back. Some riders are dead keen to get back, some don’t want to risk it, some are sitting out. Wonder what the chances are that clubs and roads actually come back on time in line with this ACU plan...
  14. NORTH West 200 officials have today revealed that the event will not run in 2020 after plans to reschedule the race have been scrapped. Practice on the north coast was originally set to kick off tomorrow, but thanks to Covid-19 chiefs served up a notice of postponement nearly two months ago. It was rumoured that bosses were eyeing a move to a date in late summer, likely in August or September, but this morning the axe came down on any 2020 plans and fans will now have to look to 2021 to get their Triangle Circuit fix. Organisers had been looking to postpone until later in the yea
  15. BSB race director Stuart Higgs was on the Chasin' the Racin' podcast last week chatting about a number of different scenarios for what could happen this year - including nothing at all, which he still admitted wasn't out of the realm of possibility. He said they have plans for anything from a late June start to a start at the beginning of September, but his favoured option is the scenario where they kick off in August - could be a nine round championship from there... it'll be tight!! That could also seriously affect which support classes are able to run this year. With a compressed
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