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  1. Couple of 'Old but Gold' paddock items spotted here... Acerbis fuel dumpers: https://racebuykz.com/adverts/show-ad/7653/acerbis-fuel-dumpers/united-kingdom/tools-equipment-and-cabinets/ Van/Truck Wheel Stands: https://racebuykz.com/adverts/show-ad/7683/motorcycle-wheel-chocks/united-kingdom/stands-racks-and-monitors/
  2. Lin Jarvis - hang up your boots mate. You are a great paddock politician, but a shite Team Manager - your time is up. Just seen Vinales jump off a factory Yamaha at ridiculous speed - because he seemingly had no brakes mid race...!?! The whole factory Yamaha effort has been B List for years now, they are continuously embarrassed by your Petronas Yamaha (B Team) partners - and today you couldn't even screw a motorbike together? If he was a football manager - he would have been sacked a few seasons ago. The team would have probably been relegated form the top division too! Rant ov
  3. Keep an eye on / have a look on www.racebuykz.com Fella RS
  4. Loving the idea and push to get this done. Be great if it happens and hope the good people involved (unlike Pay Cheque Princes like Steve Plater) have the minerals to make it happen... But October??? All wrong - be a disastrous start.
  5. Just caught up with Moto 2 race from Hungaroring - tough but great race for Sam Lowes - who clearly has quite a slow bike. Was demonstrated time and time again. Got a really gutsy and (given lack of bike speed) classy finish in fourth... Keith Huewen (and Laverty) missing that the whole race - and then lambasting the guy for trying everything everywhere to make time up and repeatedly re-pass riders with faster bikes. Wake up fella's! RS
  6. What has happened in the last few rounds though? Rossi beating him again and Morbidelli - faster in the main?? Loving the young lads and new manufacturers winning!!
  7. Sad but kinda inevitable. Will miss The Anchor though - had some big nights in there!
  8. Its obvious that Stuart and the BSB Team will be debating a number of scenarios - but nine rounds with a start of August - are they for real - lol I think that will put too much pressure on the Teams and Riders - look at other sports, they are allowing time for their athletes and organisations to 'get back into training', before they have to compete on the big stage. Maybe the right way would be less races and a few more official test weekends, to get everybody up to speed again?? This is an expensive and potentially dangerous sport...
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