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  1. How much for just warmers posted??
  2. I have a k4 gsxr 750 that has a slipper clutch in it that was already in the bike when I got it. My problem is after the bike being parked up in the garage for a fair few months it now isn’t working. The cable is working I have adjusted it to the owners manual spec and when I remove the oil fill cap I can see the clutch physically moving. It just isn’t working. As in it won’t go in to gear without jolting and stalling and when on a stand it won’t stop the wheel turning at all when the clutch is pulled in. Is my next step going to be just to pull it and check the plates. Could they possibly
  3. ah right ok just seems very strange to me that's all. No idea how much the bike would have been brand new but must have been a hefty repair bill!!
  4. Just a random thing that has me very intrigued. Hpi checked a bike that has come back as a cat d but the damage date is only one day after the first registration of the bike. Surely if there was enough damage for an insurance company to not repair a brand new bike it would total so much that it would be classified as a cat c? Or am I missing something here?
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