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  1. Thanks QB The sealed packet it came in listed 16+ so unless it was bagged incorrectly ! So far MSS have claimed, 1) The engine has moved in the frame (brand new bike) 2) Heat cycles of engine running have caused the difference 3) Running in the engine on a Dyno could cause it ( again it’s a new bike that’s not been on a dyno, yet) 4) They have sold thousands and never had a problem before. Fortunately my mechanic is not willing to ‘Bodge’ it and is ‘guessing’ the welded section has not been welded in the correct position thus the misalignment. Hence a
  2. Hi All Purchased an MSS rectifier bracket to relocate the same on a 2020 ZX10R. The holes do not line up on it by several mm and no amount of manipulation will get it to fit. MSS state many reason for it and none about the actual product being at fault which on this occasion we conclude it is as the welded part seems to have been welded in the wrong place thus the misalignment. Anyone on here had the same issue and how did you overcome it? Any help would be appreciated
  3. As per title paintwork not an issue as long as not structurally damaged cheers
  4. Im after a fuel tank if you happen to have one
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