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  1. Hi there, could you send pics to: curtiswright4@aol.com Thanks.
  2. hi could you send photos to curtiswright4@aol.com cheers
  3. Hi there do you have the LH engine casing? If so what condition and cost. Cheers, Curtis
  4. Hi if fairing is still available, pics to Curtis-74@live.co.uk does it come with tank cover? cheers
  5. I've raced on both and can hands down say the Pirelli are best. The R10's last longer and front wasnt an issue but the rear slides too much to win races. If you're doing track days then the R10 may suit but all depends on personal preferance. Performance wise, Pirelli!
  6. Hi have you sold the rear subframe? If not is it the standard one?
  7. What rear sets do you have and how much? Thanks
  8. Hi there could i get some photos to curtiswright4@aol.com if still available. Cheers.
  9. Hi, Paul, Thanks for the opportunity to see the bike - which is everything as described and more - I am blown away by the condition and how clean the bike is! no road dirt or chain spew anywhere the rear spring is gleaming bright yellow like a new one. unfortunately since viewing my soon has managed to obtain a sponsored BMW. Many thanks again, David Wright.
  10. Hi, Re BMW S1000rr By your write-up I would understand the bike has been used on the road and as a track day bike and not therefore previously raced? Our interest in the bike is for Racing at a very serious level. The exhaust is understood to be a FULL stainless, system - is it a race system - with increased pipe bores? Has the Engine been rebuild at any stage? Clutch replaced? I am in Poynton, so only just around the courner - although the bike is for my son to race. When would be available for myself to see the bike to gain all specification details - then i
  11. Yes bike is still for sale, email sent. Regards, Curtis
  12. Just to clear up, included in the sale for the price above is: x3 sets of wheels with disks (thats x4 including those on the bike already) Spare sprocket carrier Tyre warmers And a years supply of Castrol racing oil.
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