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  1. kwak154


    something needs to be done surely ! This was without doubt the best forum of all of them! So much great knowledge and info! If I ever had a problem or question regarding racing I always got the expertise here ! It’s really sad to see it going down the tubes!
  2. 2016 R1 3500 miles, have fitted new engine as original one had a rod failure so breaking! Crankcases,crank etc are damaged but most other parts are unaffected ie cylinder head ,cams,cam cover,side casings, clutch etc thanks Phil
  3. Surely the mods can ban him?.? He’s annoying me now! And doesn’t even do cheap neurofen!
  4. Performance tech rearsets carbon clock brkt one top ,2 side fairings cheers bud
  5. I’ve just ordered some 4SR leathers,iron airbag ready👍
  6. Is the span adjuster a genuine brembo bud? I assume it fits a RCS?
  7. What compound are the rear dunlops bud?
  8. Mark Hammond! The guy is spot on, services all my suspension !
  9. No bud; I keep the baffle in permanently in uk then put an akro on for euro days,I did try the pipeworx without the baffle at snett last year but it was just over but the noise testing there is a bit hit and miss I’ve found!
  10. Run the pipeworx on mine ! Never had an issue with noise! About 400 for link pipe,can and baffle!
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