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  1. Change of class next year means we’re selling our race bike. Yamaha R6 13S - The bike is a 2015 with logbook and V5 in my name. It also has a daytime MOT until the end of March 2021 and number plate. This has been our race bike for the last four seasons and has been meticulously looked after. It is always run on Motul 300V with oil and filter changed every two meetings and the valve clearances checked every three meetings. Engine The engine was fully rebuilt / blueprinted over winter 2019 / 2020 and with YEC crank, con-rods, pistons, valves and springs. The internals have done t
  2. All this is out, inspected and good to go now. Plenty of pictures available on request. Some prices of standard (not YEC) new kit for your entertainment; Valves x 8 inlet £826 Valves x 8 exhaust £866 Springs x 16 £180 Spring retainers x 16 £332 Collets x 16 £71 Spring seat x 16 £60 Lifters, cap on top valves x 16 x £608 Crank £1203 Con rods x 4 £294 Pistons x 4 £346
  3. We're refreshing our race engine for next season and so are selling what's coming out, which still has very low usage on it. All parts are genuine YEC meaning tighter tolerances on balance and weight. We bought them direct from one of the front running Supersport teams with 240km of use at the end of 2017 - they'd done one round at Thruxton. We have put on them; two race meetings in 2018 and three trackdays. Eight race meetings in 2019 and four track days. Our engine is run on 300V changed every two rounds and the valve clearences have been checked every three rounds and ha
  4. Do you have clock bracket / front subframe / fairing stay (whatever you choose to call it) going bud? It can be standard or fancy race, I’m happy either way, inexpensive is the main criteria. Cheers
  5. Trying to PM you but think your inbox may be full. Do you still have the oversized radiator? If so could you send some details please. Thanks Simon 07736033068
  6. Not sure what fairings I’ve got on my bike and I can never find screens to fit but these look right. Would you mind to measure the distance between holes centres for me and let me know please?
  7. Can’t seem to edit it for some reason, £300 delivered.
  8. As above, a couple of square meters of finest Italian cow hide, in black with white logos. Euro size 58, 48 imperial. Very good condition, never crashed in and with little use full stop really. There’s a tiny bit of wear on the inside of the knees from the stomp grip but it’s minimal. Its the model before the funky metal shoulder and knee patches so if you prefer to have them so that you look like you’re going faster than you really are, this isn’t for you. Happy to email or what’s app pics. 325 of your finest English (or Scottish) pounds delivered.
  9. Hi. I’ll take the radiator off of you please assuming it’s all good, no leaks, no rad weld you’re aware of in it? Could I have a picture please to 07736033068 and a price for postage. Thanks Simon
  10. Rear has 3.2mm on the right and 3.7mm on the left (that’s what my £2.80 chinese digital vernier tells me anyway ). The front has very little wear. Nice even wear all over no tearing. £70 collected from BA9 postcode or £85 posted. I can whats app pictures if you need. Simon 07736 033068
  11. Just to add to this, I’ve got a place in Inters and would prefer fast so if anyone wants a spot but doesn’t want fast, we can probably sort something out.
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