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  1. Got bored of messing around so designed my own in the end. Version 1 fitup was successful but required a few small adjustments. Once Version 2 geometry has been confirmed I may well have a small batch produced, if there's any interest...? -Rob
  2. Thanks - Any chance you could find me a pic or supplier info Quarrybends? A quick eBay search isn't bringing anything up but it sounds like a good option. Thankyou! -Rob
  3. Morning all - I'm after some suggestions for a reg/rec bracket for the '17 ZX10. Standard loom so OEM location preferred. I bought a Reactive Parts bracket but found it impossible to fit (bolt holes ~8mm too far out). When questioned they said their process control wasn't the issue and that the problem was likely to be Kawasaki's assembly tolerances.... not impressed. Nevertheless, they are now off the list for future parts. Any other options out there that people can recommend? Best, -Rob
  4. 103 average if I recall correctly.
  5. I had an unbranded end can and link pipe on mine when I purchased it, which measured wildly different from track to track (often well over 105dB). After some very helpful advice from the chaps at Lextek, I opted for one of their silencers (the SP1 in my case) and link pipe. Have to say, by far the best value for money exhaust I have ever seen... cannot fault the fabrication quality or fitment, plus the customer service was flawless. I would happily recommend them, and will be using them again. https://www.lextekproducts.com/for/KAWASAKI/ZX10 R/2016 For ref, I have not failed a n
  6. This will depend on many factors... Circuit, bike, gearbox ratios, riding 'style', engine 'style', weather conditions etc. Modern litre sportsbikes benefit from much slicker shifting than their ~10 year old counterparts, which makes a big difference across the hundred-or-so shifts that you do in a race distance, so it's nowadays maybe less important to minimise the number of shifts, and more important to ensure that you are optimising the tractive effort of your particular engine. But to try and answer your question, you need to have a good understanding of all of the above factors f
  7. I would start by assessing your riding through video footage if possible. I ride very asymmetrically due to previous injuries but even so you would have to be very 'lop-sided' to have the type of issues you are having. Also, it sounds stupid but is worth checking, I assume your leathers and the placement of your knee sliders are symmetrical? As regard to your grip issues left/right, I would be very keen to check the geometry of the bike and sanity check the tyre you are using. Have you changed tyres with no difference? Are the tyres very worn? Have you had your suspens
  8. This is not my actual trailer, but essentially identical...
  9. I've decided to sell my lovely single axle Bradley box trailer due to upgrading to a van. Lovely condition inside and out, ideal for a clubby racer or motocrosser. - Rear and side door access - Exceptionally well balanced and easily maneuverable - 8x6 internally (I think) and over 6ft high, so very comfortable to walk around in - Braked single axle chassis in good condition - Full integrated electrics all in good working order - Handy sprung-loaded number plate holder makes fitting and removing plates a tool-less 5 second procedure - Folding jockey wheel - Gas-assisted rear
  10. Just my opinion, but the approach of actively looking for venues or events which don't check licenses is irresponsible and very high risk, and not to be recommended. If your son gets out on track in this way then that's super for him, but his inexperience means he's also likely to make a mistake and maybe cause harm to others people or bikes, and it's not fair. I'd be pissed if I was taken out by a young lad who was on track only by virtue of not having his license checked at signing on... as would, I suspect, most others. I'm not sure about the exact options and technicalities for curren
  11. An excellent cause and a superb & noble thing to do - very best of luck! -Rob
  12. For what it's worth, my current number-one contender for these sort of parts id Joe Burns at Diamond Race Products. https://www.diasec.co.uk/ I have his kit throughout my ZX10 and I'm very very happy with the value, quality and fitment. Superb service too if ever you have a question... highly recommended. -Rob
  13. I've used several budget sets and have never had a problem, HOWEVER that's not to say they will all be flawless in materials, design or manufacture. My advice would be to inspect thoroughly, assemble with care, and consider them to be 100% disposable in the event of a crash. I would also replace all fasteners with something you know and trust before you fit them, too, and be sure to have removed any contamination from clamping surfaces (corrosion inhibitor). Ultimately they have been available on the open market now for some time, and if mechanical failures were common then we w
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