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  1. Thanks for the insight. I've been on and off here since 2004 and found it full of helpful people and interesting articles, plus the sale boards too! Here's hoping it comes back to alive in 2021 ready for the start of the season... Dave
  2. davemfox


    What's happened to the forum? Last post I can see is from 11th November 2020? Dave
  3. davemfox


    Cheers mate; I'll wait until January and see how it's all panning out Dave
  4. davemfox


    For those who do foreign trackdays, does anyone take their own HGV, if so any thoughts on how Brexit is going to affect getting a wagon over to Europe? Dave
  5. davemfox

    Dog Tags

    Are these still the ones to go for? https://www.armydogtags.co.uk/dog-tag-catalog/product/acu-approved-id-tags Dave
  6. Look neat; what do you use to get your bike up on to it, and how high off the ground is the platform when fully assembled? Dave
  7. Hi, Any in 180/60 size? Dave
  8. It looks like they all got unique datatag IDs http://www.bikesportnews.com/news/news-detail/reward-for-information-offered-after-wd-40-superbikes-stolen Dave
  9. Not yet. I didn't know that - I'll try that avenue too Dave
  10. Thanks mate - I'll drop him a pm and see Dave
  11. He's just done mine - quick turnaround and excellent service. Dave
  12. His riders in 1999 used to be - Malcolm Ashley and Colin Hipwell Dave
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