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Motoforum encourages free speech within the boundaries you accepted when you registered. We try to avoid operational and editorial control - as long as everyone stays civilised! Do not post the following items:

  • Trade Goods / Services
  • Porn / Explicit Content
  • Non Motorcycle Related Matters

We do ask you to adopt the following principles:

  1. Do take things other people say positively...
  2. Do be positive if your going to be personal...
  3. Dont leave negative personal comments...
  4. Do air your hopes, fears, concerns, joy, frustrations, highs & lows etc.
  5. Try to keep 'on topic' - If you want to talk about something 'not on topic'.... start a new post!
  6. Disagreeing is fine - just do it with respect...
  7. Accept that you can't always have 'last word' on a forum like this - make your point then move on...

Many Thanks

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