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A begging letter

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Hi folks
I make no apologies for putting this on here. Too many of us have used this service in the past and sadly I think we all know that there will be the (hopefully rare) occasion when we'll see them again. Chris (Newbigging) and Tony (Hoare) are making the big effort on Thursday/Friday this week,, myself and some of the other guys will be joining them on Friday for the Hull to Cadwell leg. I know we all get loads of begging emails these days but please consider chucking something in the pot for this one. It's not only twatish motorcycle racers that use this service. Thanks folks.
Chris' post;
Money: it's overrated. Unless you're an air ambulance charity, in which case it's vital to sticking a whirly-bird in the air with the intention of getting the seriously sick/injured to a hospital. Exactly just over a year a go, the Lincs/Notts Air Ambulance scooped up Tony Hoare after a racing accident at Cadwell Park, and took him to Hull Royal Infirmary. 365 days before that, they did the exact same for Keith Roissetter. Both of them survived and made a good recovery thanks to the chopper getting them to help, fast. So this Thursday, Tony and I are cycling 100 miles from Stamford to Hull to raise funds for this important charity and service. We're unfit and our bikes are sugar, so that's some undertaking. On Friday, we're riding a further 45 miles to Cadwell, accompanied by several other YPM racers to complete Tony's reverse loop. If you can put anything in to the fund - even if you just skip that last pint at the pub and chuck a few quid in, it all helps. You'll only get a hangover anyway. Linky: http://www.justgiving.com/ypmchopper

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