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on bike cameras

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In case anyone else is wading through the various options of buying an on bike camera as i was, thought i'd let you know about my experience with Dogcam. After originally considering spending £100-200 on a camera, and seeing the dubious quality, i eventually opted for Dogcam over 4Kam and spent just over £300, but i'm glad i did! 4Kam didnt seem interested & didnt give a convincing argument for their product, but Dogcam explained why theirs gives better recordings (bourn out by videos i've watched) and has a remote(there's enough to do what with tyre warmers paddock stands etc etc!). i'm pleased to report that a 520 camera linked to a dv500 solid state recorder(did me a deal for £299 when pushed) gives footage almost as detailed as motoGP & good audio too. Only bad point - rubbish instructions! Hope this helps, as finding non-compressed video clips for quality comparisons in practically impossible!

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