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Mike Edwards

MRO PowerBikes

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Real good call Sarah,but it was 2000 the first year of the MRO when the Bandit cup ran.

The Mille's started in 2001.

The guy's name was Phil Jeans and he came from Brooke near Norwich did not enter anywhere else and i have no

record of him in the results,but i remember him there.

I don't know how far Steve goes back but do you also remember the guy who had the NSR 400,middle to late 90's

it was the oversize 250 that Tady Okada rode in the 500gp in Repsol colours.


Ah wasnt sure on the exact year but do remember that round Dave Fiorini also rode an ex WSB Ducati I think. Steve beat both the GP bike and Dave..and he was racing the 1200 Bandit :lol: Was funny to watch. I will try and dig out the results sheets. Think it was classed as an open 1300 race then..Andy Bond possibly won it on an R1.

Steve goes back along way.. :ph34r: but packed up racing the first time in 1996 after starting in 1992. He doesnt remember the 400.

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