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Honda CB500 Race Track Bike Package no V5

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Full race ready bike, just serviced with everything needed. The bike was used in some Thundersport rounds in 2017 and one round in 2018, meeting their regs. 

The following has just been done
  • Full carb strip & clean, new float needle valves, new fuel tap
  • New seat unit & full professional paint job (ready for our decals & numbers) (you may notice in the pics that the new seat unit & fender from Sheps fairings have not been cut - I will leave these for the new owner as they can put ride height etc to their choosing - there are the spares mentioned as well!)
  • Service: Fresh Silkolene oil, fresh Motul 660 brake fluid, air filter & coolant (will need to be changed to distilled water for racing but better for winter storage)
Bike Spec
  • Standard engine - had my carb balance checked and the bike run on a Dyno at Moore Speed racing in Poole last yr and it claimed 48bhp at the rear - got the print out)
  • custom aluminium rear sets that take racing pegs
  • loom stripped down to the essentials, electric only start
  • Hagon rear shocks
  • Standard front shocks (If I remember correctly they have some additional pre-load) 
  • Gear change indicator
  • Dunlops on the bike in good conditions
  • Braided steel brake lines
  • Renthal grips
  • lock wired
  • Spare wheels with almost new wets (they did one qualifying session) - these also have disks & sprocket to make life easier
  • 2 spare tanks (small dents but both have no leaks, one of them was on the bike last time I used it I put the new one on purely to make it prettier for the new buyer)
  • 1 spare seat unit (cosmetic damage)
  • 1 Spare end can in good condition
  • 2 spare link pipes
  • spare fuel tap (needs new diaphragm)
  • probably got some brake pads, spare levers etc - I will dig out anything I can find
The obvious disclaimer of this is a 20 yr old bike used for racing but its fairly pretty as far as CBs go. It is great fun to ride. I am in the market for a 600 track bike around the £5k mark so will consider px. Any questions give me a ring on 07926785974. Pics can be seen in the ebay link below



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