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Is there a difference between Retin A and Tretinoin? Q. Is there a difference between tretinoin (Retin -A) and retinol? A. While tretinoin and retinol are similar and can be used for similar concerns, there is a difference. Tretinoin is Vitamin A, is available by prescription and tends to be a bit more aggressive than retinol.
Can tretinoin cause acne? However, in the short term it can lead to acne breakouts, dryness, skin peeling and a range of other frustrating temporary effects. If you're currently going through a tretinoin purge, it's important to remember that tretinoin isn't the direct cause of acne.
Why is my skin turning dark? A common cause of hyperpigmentation is an excess production of melanin. Melanin is a pigment that gives skin its color. Endocrine diseases, like Addison's disease, disrupt hormone levels and can increase melanin production. Excessive sun exposure can also cause an increase in melanin.
Why are generic drugs cheaper? Why are generic drugs cheaper than brand-name ones? Why are generics cheaper than brand-name medications? Generic makers don't face the same costs as manufacturers of brand-name drugs. That's because the brand-name maker often invented the drug, a process that can cost hundreds of millions of dollars.
How do you stop a skin tag from bleeding? If clothing irritates a skin tag, cover it with a bandage to prevent rubbing and bleeding. If you have a skin tag removed, clean the area with soap and water two times a day unless your doctor gives you different instructions.
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