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Which litre bike??

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Evening all. Considering getting back into racing and I'm in the market for a new litre bike (stock). Any opinions on which people prefer?? Previous bike was an S1000rr so fancy something different, leaning towards the R1 for no particular reason. Options are 

GSXR 1000 - 2017+

R1 - 2015/6+

ZX10 - 2016+

Budget £15k ish

Probably opening a can of worms here but after real opinions, preferably from people who have ridden these. 

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Gotta be the GSXR IMHO.  Having used both GSXR and R1 in Stock 1000 the Suzuki is quite tunable and cheaper to run than the Yamaha when purchasing parts on the Suzuki race scheme.  The R1 wheelies too much and the MC is really sugar and will cause serious braking issues - we spent a whole season trying to solve it!  The only way it could be solved was to fit an R6 MC - ie cheating!

The R1 chassis is strong but can only achieve a 608mm swing arm length, the Suzuki can go to 630+mm and works best around 620, this supresses the wheely effect more.  Even with the R1 electronic wheely control on max it cant cope with full throttle out of short corners and will also wheely in 6th going downhill !!  Using full wheely control also chokes power.

The Kawasaki was a good option but in all honesty, unless you have a really skilled and knowledgeable suspension engineer on board setting them up is a very narrow margin to achieve.  We have had discussions with many teams and they all say the same thing, get it sweet and its a great bike but its that much harder to achieve.

Good luck with your choice


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