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Minitwin SV650 fork setup - opinions needed

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Hi all,

Looking for some knowledge. My current  situation is an injected SV with SDC modified forks (Damper rod holes welded and drilled I think) and .95 hyperpro springs with 20w oil & I am 90kg in full race kit. Forks have gone to tuner for rebuilding and I have been advised to change to a lower spring .85/.90 and change to 10w oil.

I think the spring change is a good idea but I am afraid the 10w oil will not provide enough damping? Any input is appreciated.


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Depends what the hole setup is, hyperpro are progressive so mask poor damping to an extent, personally id start with another set of damper rods and fit emulators and springs.

Then the oil weight is selected to give sufficient rebound and compression is set by the emulator

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