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Euro Trackday Advice

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Going on first euro trackday end of March with no limits, looking for any advice on lessons learnt by others, things to take, how many sets of Tyres or buy them there etc? Bike is ZX10R.

thanks in advance

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There's a load of things to this, but the main things are things to remember that people always forget are :

Plug adaptors to Euro plugs for warmers etc in the garages

EHIC card

Camping chair

Bike key (if it has one)


You're always better off taking tyres (on wheels if you can, as getting tyres changed on wheels means you'll miss a couple of sessions), and you'll know yourself how many you're likely to get through from UK experience. Cartagena and Jerez are both quite abrasive on tyres compared to UK tracks too, which is great for grip, but means you'll go through tyres quicker than in the UK.]

Which circuit are you go to ?


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Thanks Graeme,

Cartagena with no limits, not raced for a few years so this is a 3 day cobweb removal exercise!

Always ridden on Racetecs before considering Michelin Ultimate slicks for the 60/70 quid saving per set

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As above chair, basic wheel changing tools if your taking tyres and enjoy, Cartagena is a good circuit 😊 and so is the city, not sure where no limits stay (hotel)

i’ve been doing euro’s now for several years, and always have an extra couple of nights in one of the cities Alicante, Murcia if Cartagena. If Almeria dependent on flights try Malaga or Granada if flying to Malaga.

If you do forget anything there’s always someone that will help  

best to wrap your stillage with pallet wrap, helps keep everything in, this sorta stuff


Have Fun

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Local Pump fuel is real good...

Dont leave your currency until the last minute - use the Post Office or other decent providers of Euro cash - the airport exchange rates will make your Beer very expensive otherwise!

Cartagena is twisty and up and down like the UK tracks - so great shake down circuit as other shave indicated.

Good clubhouse at the Circuit - which normally serves everything from breakfast to an evening meal if you go in at sensible times...

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