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Best exhaust for a 2016 ZX10R

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Hello. I’ve just purchased my first ZX10R. Having been on a Fireblade for the last 4 years i never needed to worry much about noise testing for race meetings or trackdays. However my ZX10 has a Leo Vince can with link pipe onto the standard headers. It failed at croft (supposedly 107db) 

my question is, what is the best exhaust set up for a 2016 ZX10R. Full system or keep the standard headers? Also what systems give the best power gains but still stay within noise limits for uk club racing. 



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The standard headers on the 2016+ ZX10R are titanium anyway, so no real need to swap them out

I run a Pipewerx link pipe and full length end can, and make 98 static with baffle and around 103 without. No real power loss, and decent sound

I think total cost was around £350 with link pipe, but around £220 for the end can alone


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I had an unbranded end can and link pipe on mine when I purchased it, which measured wildly different from track to track (often well over 105dB).

After some very helpful advice from the chaps at Lextek, I opted for one of their silencers (the SP1 in my case) and link pipe. Have to say, by far the best value for money exhaust I have ever seen... cannot fault the fabrication quality or fitment, plus the customer service was flawless. I would happily recommend them, and will be using them again.

https://www.lextekproducts.com/for/KAWASAKI/ZX10 R/2016

For ref, I have not failed a noise test since fitting it, and have never had to run the baffle.


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We ran stock headers with Beowulf link & can, 55mm, 380mm long can, never went above 101db


we then stuck a full leo vince 60mm system on it, was 106 with leo vince can & baffle, we replaced can with 380mm long 60mm beowulf can, it made 0.5bhp more and never needed a baffle at race meets or trackdays. 

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