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Bdk race generators

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Hi all

Has anyone had any experiences with race generators? Contemplating fitting 1 to my R6 to help with power and weight reduction. If anyone has any experiences I would be interested hearing if it's a good idea to fit 1. Apparently you could expect a 3 to 5bhp gain and with no extra stress on the valve train. And maybe a 1kg saving too.

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I've got one in my  cbr600rr, it's a good bit of kit, the flywheel is removed on my bike so the motor spins up really fast. Their after sales service is spot on too so it's big thumbs up from me.

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I had them make a kit for my rsv4 when I had it, excellent service. 

On the r6 don't expect that much power gain though as the stock rotor isn't particularly heavy, 1-2bhp is probably more realistic, although they'll have more info on this than me.

Oh and you can't leave it ticking over too much as it won't charge until it's doing 4K or more

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