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RN 32 engine problems

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my name is Lasse from Germany and I enjoy very much reading in this forum.

I would like to share one topic with you, that we had in our german race forum.

In 2017 a lot of trackday riders had problems with the Yamaha RN32 engine.

Several people experienced engine failures like broken crankshafts, broken conrods, etc......

What is also important to know is that most of the engines were totally stock.

I would like to know if you experienced the same ?

Best regards and sorry for my english :)


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Hi Lasse,

I am aware of an american company, EDR Performance, that have been quite vocal over what they believe to be shortfalls in the design of the R1 cranktrain. You can find their videos on Youtube quite easily.

There are also a couple of people on this forum that have alot of experience in this model (Phil Seton, specifically), and they may be along shortly to help you some more, but personally I do not own this model and cannot say that I have experienced this myself.



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