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Used to be more of a regular on motoforum - now want to start playing again and wondering why when looking at unread content so many posts are in a password protected forum so I can't see them?

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Those are the racing news threads.  Password protected to stop spoilers if you log on without realising they are there and it ruins a race for you.  I think the password is just 'password', but not 100% certain.  

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Sorry - been away for a couple of weeks :)

The only forum that is password protected is 

National and International racing news

And as Blake7 (so someone else remembers that show!) said - it's like that to prevent spoilers showing up on the content side bar.

If you read the note which appears under the forum heading it will answer your question about the password as well......

"Rss feeds for national and international racing. CAUTION: Results will be visible in topic headings as soon as you open this forum! To prevent spoilers in there sidebar you need to open this forum with the password "news""

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