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Found 37 results

  1. ZX10R Generation 4 - Race ready Owned for 3 years, only done 1 full race season (2017) just done the odd race in 2016 and 2018 Selling due to lack of use. Blank frame. Ex Gavin Hunt bike: Ex Morello Superstock engine - 195bhp and had full refresh when bought at the beginning of 2016. Data tagged. Spec as follows: KTech DDS front (serviced 2017) and rear. Standard damper. Brake lever guard. Hard wired rain light with handlebar switch. HEL lines front and rear. Stock ECU so no complicated traction control. Bazzaz injection and fuel control module Full Leo Vince SBK titanium exhaust with baffle. New DID ERV3 520 Chain. Renthal lightweight sprockets. Captive spacers. PP rearsets. PP clip ons PP fuel cap HM quick shifter in road shift. Recent plugs. Lock stops. GB racing covers, Shark fin and race crash bobbins. Radiator guard. Drilled magnetic sump bolt. Fully lock wired. Full workshop manual printed out in a folder. Spare parts: Wets on wheels with discs and traction rings. Throttle bodies. Sprockets. Pads. Rectifier. Stator. Been absolutely faultless at every meeting. Oil changed every race and filter changed after every other race £7250 OVNO Pic's available on request (please only ask if you are seriously interested) ALSO HAVE 2007 FORD TRANSIT MWB HI TOP RACE VAN FOR SALE. FULLY KITTED OUT WILL POST IN NEXT DAY OR SO.
  2. Looking to swap for a supertwin. 2008 Triumph Daytona 675 The bike runs flawlessly and has never missed a beat. Maintained professionally. Not my favourite paint job in the world and certainly not my hideous sponsor decal, but they’re spare fairings I had from the previous owner – they’re usable, but a respray wouldn’t go amiss… or just put on the brand new fairings that comes with the bike. Spec: Sigma slipper clutch Scorpion full exhaust system Nitron rear shock Ohlins fork kit Ohlins steering damper Brembo front master cylinder HM quick shifter Goodridge braided lines (front and rear) Almost new wets on wheels Three rear rims and two fronts, discs on the spare front wheel Two rear Pirelli supercorsas and two front supercorsas Set of Metzeler wets Crash bobbins Lightweight lithium battery (with charger) Rain light w/ handlebar switch (wired to ignition) Shorty levers Sunstar front discs on bike Lock wired Case covers Spares included: Spare crash bobbins Spare fairing bracket Spare brake pad set Spare brake discs Spare radiator Spare seat Spare rear sets Spare battery Set of brand new unpainted fairings in box Various spare sprockets Kickstand Box of other bits and bobs
  3. New track day company Loose Cannon Trackdays Ltd. First event will be Rockingham International 20th July. Standard format of three groups, 20 min sessions with an hour for lunch. www.loosecannontracks.com
  4. GSXR 750Y, 2000 - 30,100 miles, track fairings in very good condition, refurbished front calipers. Metzeler RR tyres. GSXR 750K3, 2003 - 28,500 miles, standard fairings and Akrapovic end can with scratches, Ohlins rear shock serviced by KAIS in 2016 ,refurbished front calipers, Comp K slicks in good condition. Footpeg bracket mounting lug broken when previous owner dropped the bike (resulting in Cat D) but professionally TIG welded back on. so no problem. Spare set of wheels with Mitchelin Pilot Road 3 tyres plus other spares. Both bikes run really well. £3K the lot. Tel 07946 329459
  5. Have some parts n bits n bobs for sale, need to shift these quick so all priced to sell...... Kawasaki ZX10R (2011 to 2015) Fuel tank - immaculate, unused since professionally painted in matt grey £400 PipeWerx Titanium 60mm silencer - BRAND NEW, Carbon end cap & with hanger never removed from box (fit any 60mm system) £225 Kawasaki ZX10R (2011 to 2015) ECU and lockset - incl ignition barrel & key (tested and working with standard/original ECU spec) £200 Coming soon.... Kawasaki ZX10 (2011 to 2015) engine, race prepared by Rev-to-Race/ Kev Richardson, (Superstock/TT spec) ZERO miles since built/refreshed Kawasaki ZX10 (2011 to current/2018) Custom made aluminium engine stands with braked wheels Please DM me your email address and I will forward photos and details of any parts you are interested in. Prices include UK mainland postage for payment by Paypal or bank transfer, (friends/family or buyer to pay Paypal fee). Many thanks!
  6. Have some parts n bits n bobs for sale, need to shift these quick so all priced to sell...... PipeWerx Titanium 60mm silencer - BRAND NEW, Carbon end cap & with hanger never removed from box (fit any 60mm system) £225 Yamaha YZF-R6 (2008 to 2016) EvoTech tail tidy with mini indicators and light - immaculate £25 Yamaha YZF-R6 (2008 to 2016) R&G Crash/ Frame protectors (replace standard engine mounting bolts) , unmarked £25 Yamaha YZF-R6 (2008 to 2015) Fork bottoms (removed from stanchion) immaculate - both sides £30 Yamaha YZF-R6 (2008 to 2016) Complete OE exhaust system, headers, silencer, collector box and heat shield - immaculate (2000 miles) £100 Yamaha YZF-R6 (2008 to 2016) Standard complete OE footrest/ rearset kits - brand new/ removed at zero miles (2 full kits available) £50 each Please DM me your email address and I will forward photos and details of any parts you are interested in. Prices include UK mainland postage for payment by Paypal or bank transfer, (friends/family or buyer to pay Paypal fee). Many thanks!
  7. Regretfully selling my Yamaha R6 due to lack of use. This bike deserves to be ridden. Bike comes with no V5, however chassis number etc are intact (pictures on ebay listing # 122635130091) Bike was previously used by Robert Kennedy (Irish Supersport rider) Spec: Yamaha R6 13s (2008) Full Bitubo racing suspension front & rear Full titanium Arrow race system HM Quickshifter Flashed ECU New EBC GPFAX-380 race pads Braided brake lines Race fairings (vinyl decals are removable with ease) Rear sets Clip-ons Keyless ignition Carbon fibre swingarm cover Carbon fibre tank cover Carbon fibre rear hugger Tank foam (to prevent slosh) Looking to get £3999 or nearest offer. Mark 0772 590 1730
  8. USED Cordona strain gauge type stand alone quickshifter kit. Incorporates GP standard control ECU, Harness for most modern 4 cylinder (injection) bikes & strain gauge shift switch. £250 posted Can be used as both push and pull Super small unit Had this on my 2012 CBR1000RR It has been faultless throughout and was very easy to install DIY. Provides lightening quick clutch less upshifts, giving a smoother shift on the road and saving valuable time on track. Comes complete with custom length shift rod perfect for 08-16 CBR1000RR standard rear sets. Includes extra harness for other bikes, fits other models. (See website below). Following blurb from suppliers website (www.moto46.co.uk) for reference Precision Quickshifter 8 (PQ8) Full throttle electronic up shifts, Seamless acceleration... Roadracing bikes, Street bikes, Dragbikes, Gokarts, Crosskarts, basically anything with a sequential gearbox. Great for fuel injected bikes, won't mess with injection light. Engineered 2008 with all the latest technology, continuously developed and upgraded. Proven winner straight out of the box, we won the Nordic BoTT Title with one of the PQ8 prototypes installed; and re took the title for 4 years. The Cordona Strain Gauge System is now widely used in Moto2 and Moto3 as well as all other international level championships. Engineered in 2008 with all the latest technology, continuously developed and upgrade Compu Shift, calculates a perfect kill time for each up shift according to engine conditions, acceleration, load and rpm with a selection of 500 different kill times. Adjustable between 40-80ms. Makes the ECU believe the engine is still running at up shift; allows for a very smooth and stable up shift without any fault messages or leaned or enriched fuelling. Comes with plug and play connectors for Denso and Mitsubishi coils, used on most sport bikes. For other coils the installation is not plug and play, still an easy straight fwd. installation though, hardware for splicing is included. *Automatic rpm controlled ON/OFF, fully adjustable, to prevent the engine from stopping when put in neutral from 1st gear while at idle. Will pick +12v from a coil via the red wire going straight to the PQ8 CPU on bikes with stick coils, making for an easy installation, no need to install a 12v wire on bikes with stick coils. Has “Smooth Shift” built in to ease the shock loads on the gear box and chain and to lessen loss of traction at up shift, just like the Moto GP shifters. It kills all cylinders simultaneously at up shift but bring them back on in a computer controlled sequence, in conjunction with Compu Shift. Waterproof design, the circuit board is encased in glue, aviation grade 26 pin connector. Aural horn for test and start up acknowledgement if hidden behind fairings, very useful for set up. Shift Light circuitry built in, with shift soon functions; LED will come on for 1000rpm before up shift rpm and then flash in sequence with the rpm. RPM is set with 3 digits in steps of 100rpm. LED assembly sold separately, Batwing Shiftlight. Auto Shift, can be selected to activate the shifter automatically at an adjustable rpm. The rider just has to keep the shifter pedal preloaded between up shifts. Useful for drag racers going below the break out time, just reduce the up shift RPM to go slightly slower next run. Fully upgradable at one of our dealers. About PQ8, Precision Quickshifter 8 A Cordona PQ8 Shifter is a high-tech device that will increase the performance of your motorcycle or anything powered by a motorcycle engine by enabling lightning fast up shifts without backing off the throttle or disengaging the clutch, electronically. The PQ8 Shifter has been developed by professional roadracers as well as beginners, it has high quality internal components from the U.S. the E.U. and other countries. Performance A normal up shift usually means that the engine is disengaged from the rearwheel/gearbox for a distance covered of about 3m/10ft, depending on how fast the vehicle is moving. Vortices are also produced in the intake manifolds due to the closure of the throttle, something that will restrict the flow of air into the engine when the throttle is opened up again. With a Cordona Racing Shifter the distance covered at upshifts will decrease to about 1m/3ft and no vortices will occur at the air intake since the throttle is kept wide open at upshifts, in fact, everything is wide open, from throttle bodies through the engine out the exhaust, airflow is going. The ignition will be interrupted for a fraction of a sec only. This will make up for alot of ground on a lap around a roadracing track or on the 1/4 mile. By installing PQ8 Shifters on testbikes we have lowered 1/4 mile times with 0.2 sec. We have also lowered laptimes on a roadracing track by as much as 1.5 sec/lap. Usually 0.2 sec. on the 1/4 mile and 1.5 sec. on a roadracing track means parts and engine work for at least $3000.00. You can probably imagine yourself a race to the flag between two racers on identical motorcycles with the only difference being that one of them has a PQ8 Shifter installed. The rider on the bike equipped with the shifter will edge away from the other at every up shift and most likely cross the line several meters/yards infront of the other rider. The Cordona Racing Shifter is smaller and lighter than its competitors, the whole kit is only 300g , killbox measures 95x70x28mm. Technical The Cordona Racing Shifter works with a switch attached to the gear linkage of a motorcycle, the pullswitch sends a signal to a "killbox" that will interrupt the ignition for a computer controlled time when the gearlever is activated. While the killbox interrups the ignition, the drivetrain will slack and the next gear will engage and immediately thereafter the "killbox" turns the ignition back on again. The whole up shift is done without touching the clutch or backing off the throttle. The PQ8interrupts power to the coils, between the ECU and coils. The PQ8 uses new thinking to inhibit ignition and WILL NOT affect injection lights like most other shifters on the market. In fact the Bike ECU won't even know the ignition was inhibited. Some other shifters cut the power to the CDI at high RPM and cause damage to the ignition system. Please note that the PQ8 does not just ground out the coils with the killbutton loop like some other shifters, something that will cause missfiring and eventually damage to the engine. There is no extra wear on the iginition system due to the use of a Cordona Racing Shifter since the shifter is only turning the power to the ignition coils on and off , with the help of advanced internal anti missfiring components. The wear on the clutch is actually reduced since it is not used at up shifts. Any motorcycle can easily be returned to its original ignition system in the event the owner is selling his bike and would like to keep the Shifter. The PQ8 comes with plug and play connectors for most bikes. What's in the Kit The Pq8 kit includes The CPU, Plug and play wiring harness, Strain Gauge Quickshifter Switch, velcro for mounting killbox, 2 Cordona chrome stickers and step by step instructions in English. Installation Installation is usually completed in an afternoon with common house hold tools, i.e. no need to be a bike mechanic to experience lightning fast upshifts. Most kits are sold with Our GP switch as a Combo kit and a GP switch bolts right on. Models The PQ8 will fit all bikes on the market.
  9. Yamaha R1 Big Bang Track Bike. Never been dropped V5 present and has daytime MOT until FEB 2018! Berkshire Area £5500 Pics here https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/122496197670 Big Spec Harris Clip Ons Diamond Fuel Cap Diamond Rear Sets Titax Short Levers Pro Fibre Body Kit HRC rear brake reservoir Scorpion End Cans with baffles (Never failed noise test with them in) Akrapovic Decat Hel Braided lines GB Engine Covers RnG Crash Bungs Bazzaz Traction control, fuel mod quick shifter with autotune (Set your own maps) 2 map switch with TC light and adjustment Ktech Front Springs (105 grade) Ktech Rear spring (110 grade) Set up for 13.5 stone rider this time last year 520 chain with sprockets. K&N air filter Power Bronze screen Bike has been dynod at 167 bhp and runs spot on! Lots of paper work Oil changed after every 2 track days.
  10. 2008 Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade 2016 Honda BSB Colours £4200 Previously recorded at a CAT C and converted into a Track/Racebike with a daytime MOT. Clocks were changed around 13k and now show 2.5k. Any HPI welcome. The bike was purchased specifically to do a few trackdays, which i've now done. The bike performs faultlessly and is very caperbul. Onboard footage can be seen on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMCuZV3BOz0 Spec:Removable rear number plate and brake lightFull race fairing in latest Honda BSB colours.Brand new Pipe Werx Exhaust (101DB Baffled) 105DB no baffle. Fine for all tracks. Plus standard exhaustRace air filter.Revalved standard suspension with K-Tech internalsRenthal Chain and sproketsRenthal gripsSES Adjustable rearsetsPaddock stand bobbinsStomp gripsBraided hoses and Brembo padsSupercorsa BSB tyres (lots of life in them)Its a very nice bike, gets alot of attention and is very caperbul on circuit and still compliant on the road. Cash sale no part ex. Buyer to collect. The first to leave a deposit get it. Bike can be viewed by appointment in Clacton, Essex.
  11. Hi there and welcome to the advert for my CBR 600rr5 ex Manx GP bike and southern 100 3rd place finisher.I have competed on it for 2 years now and she's been an absolute delight! Mostly ridden at my local track (Aintree) where I have achieved lapping it in 58 seconds. It's been fitted with a lot of extras: Keith Whiting tuned head,Dynojet Quickshifter with Dynojet intellishift for smoother gear change,Dynojet power commander, Full Micron Titanium exhaust system,Maxton suspension front and rear,Oversized radiator (been repaired in the past being a Manx bike),Kit loom, Kit ECU, GPR steering damper,HRC velocity stacks, HRC fairing bracket with lock stops,HRC quick action throttle, HRC kill switch, K&N air filter,Braided brake lines front and rear,Stomp grips,Race filler cap,Shark fin,Crash protectors,Renthal clipons (with spare tubes), Race brake pads, Pro tech rearsets. A box of sparesSpare fairing set complete1 nearly new rear tyre,2 nearly new fronts. All just scrubbed in. There's probably more, this is all off the top of my head. The engine was stripped and refreshed back in July last year. A new head gasket was fitted, along with new cam chain, new main bearings and new bottom end bearings. All new parts fitted where purchased from Padgetts Honda in West Yorkshire. Since then it has only been ridden twice. I have the receipts for the work carried out. The fairings are a bit tatty and scratched so please don't expect a showroom standard bike. £3250 Open to offers but NO SILLY OFFERS PLEASE. I can remove some of the extras which will unfortunately lower the spec but make the bike cheaper. Any questions are welcome Danny 07554425278 Bike is advertised elsewhere
  12. 2007 Yamaha R6 2CO For Sale. I have a Yamaha R6 race/track bike for sale. Selling due to not having time to track or race. Ex Yamaha UK bike for press shoots/media rides, then BSB mechanic raced it with Derby Phoenix. Bloke had it for track/race days (3 races) then sold to me.Hardly used, not enough time. Has been stored in heated lockup. Runs perfectly. Has V5 in my name & has done 8000 miles about 1000 of them race miles. Spec List: Steering Damper Ohlins 20mm race kit setup by Kais Maxton fully adjustable rear shock Power Commander 3 & Ignition cut module Quick Shifter (Clutchless Shifts) Full MHP Race Exhaust Standard ECU with red & black keys Race ECU (Standard ECU with YEC flash) Set of Wheels with brand new wets (Metzeler) on, inlcud spacers and cush drive Set of scrubs (Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa, front & rear) Extras: Tyre Warmer, Renthal ultralight 520 chainwheel, Tsubaki Racing Pro TX4 drivechain, Oil Filter £3800 ono. Email for pictures. jazamataz7@hotmail.com Andy.
  14. Suzuki GSXR750 2015 Limitied edition 25th anniversary Yoshi Special Track Race Very low mileage 1305 See ebay for photos and more details Listed on ebay; http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/-/321973281475? Item number; 321973281475 Would make an absolute fantastic road bike or an even track/race bike. Viewing welcome and recommended Dean 07783948511
  15. Bike is in very good condition. I purchased in Aug 2013 and have had the suspension serviced with new sprngs (for 12 stone rider) by MCTechnics and then setup by Perry Leask at HM Racing. The bike was also dynoed on the HM racing dyno (not one of the high readers), coming in at 172rwhp. Bike has spent most of last 3 years in storage and very little use. Raced by Hudson Kennaugh in British Super Stock 2007, it is a proper race bike. Bike is 100% straight in full working order and in very good condition. There is a small amount of gravel rash (see photo) on the lower left side from a run-on at Almeria; damage cosmetic only so just mentioning to be clear. I am located in Essex. Ben - 07739 320825. £3900. Spec: V5 documentation and two keys Full Akrapovic titanium system with carbon cans (mint) Power Commander (Wide Band) Ohlins Rear K-Tech front re-valve SES Rear Sets Clip on handle bars Quick Shifter Harris Fuel tank cap for quick release Carbon swingarm covers Gear indicator Steering Damper Mushrooms Paddock Stand Bobbins Spares: Painted fairing in very good condition with screen Akra race cans (noisy) very good condition Baffles Air intakes Seat unit etc (no wheels) See picture for spares. £3800.
  16. '2013 kawasaki zx6r superstock with v5 I have used this bike this season and did 5 rounds with thundersportgb, last year it was used for some bsb rounds and had a engine refresh before we purchased it. it has only done a handful a racing since. Genuine filters and putoline nano tech +4 oil after every round, and anything else it needed but to be fair it never wanted much! It has been a great bike and selling it due to getting a exceptionally good deal on a zx10r. The spec as follows 2013 bike with V5Latest Arrow Exhaust system with Leo Vince end CanMWR race air filterBitubo Gas cartridge fork internal kitBitubo ShockBitubo Steering DamperBrembo disks (floating) Fairing kit freshly painted kawasaki lime green for selling Carbon Frame protectors & tank slidersEBC GPFAX PadsHEL braided brake lines520 Tsubaki chain with Renthal sprocketsDynamic RearsetsDynojet Power Commander 5Dynojet Secondary Fuel ModuleDynojet quickshifterSamco hosesRain lightRenthal Clip ons with renthal gripsActive Quick Action throttleDiamond quick release fuel capGB Racing engine coversGB Racing Chain Guard126bhp on dyno with printout, 3rd fastest trough speed trap at cadwell£7000 ONO i also have a set of spare wheels and discs for sale not included in the price If you have any more questions please send me a message and i will try to reply asap
  17. Yamaha YZF R6 GALFER front brake discs (Fit all 2C0 & 13S models - 2006 to 2015) Performance fully floating wavey discs Light use- excellent condition. Photograph below shows actual discs that will be supplied. Disc thickness approx 5mm (<>0.2mm) £160.00 delivered Please ensure these are correct for your requirements before buying. Many thanks 07730563425
  18. Yamaha R6 frame/ chassis for sale (for 13S models from 2008 to 2015) Blank (ie. no numbers)- for race or track use only. Purchased from Yamaha UK in 2014 for race use in the British Supersport championship by Appleyard Macadam Racing. Carried as a spare chassis in 2015, now clearing out all spares and race bikes hence selling. Note: this is a race/track chassis, not an A1 showroom condition example for a show bike - hence the price. Surface has been resprayed in satin black, no major damage or cracks, perfectly useable for trackday or racing! Can supply high res/ close up photographs if required. Will be supplied with a letter on headed paper (from Colin Appleyard Motorcycles) confirming history and origin of the frame. Located in Keighley, West Yorkshire if interested parties wish to inspect. £300 incl UK delivery Any questions, please call me on 07730 563425 Thanks Andrew
  19. We have 2 bikes both 2013 675r's....both have only done 4 races this year due to Hottrax going bust. We were leading the national championship on these. Quick low down..... 2013 triumph Daytona 675r 2500 miles Ohlins front and rear, serviced last week by parkitt GPR steering damper Brembo front and rear, with captive rear brake calliper for easy change Stock 675 engine making 128bhp at road and race verwood SES rear sets (race shift) and head stock steering limiter Updated gear selector plate and ring Renthal clip ons and grips Carbon front and rear mud guar BMC race air filter 1050 quick action throttle GB racing engine covers R&G tank protectors and shark fin Full Bazzaz inc TC sensitivity dial and map switch for wet and dry maps and quickshifter Rain light Fresh service inc spark plugs Scorpion exhaust with de cat headers Pair of wheels with wets and discs Spare 3rd rear wheel Abs have been disconnected and running hel brake lines Probably missed some bits... These bikes are mega out of the box. Got a stack of spares too could do a deal on. Clutch plates,new spare rearsets, brake pads spare fairings lots of bits and pieces. Bikes are both close in hampshire/Wiltshire border. Sister bike for sale soon.... £9500 Open to offers
  20. GSXR 1000 K5 for sale Frame number and engine number intact. I do not have a V5 for this bike as it has been a race bike from the start. Gear box started jumping a gear so I took it to Road and Race Verwood who then replaced 3 cogs and the spindle shaft, did an engine full check and replaced all gaskets. £2000 spent on this and the fueling and remap of the complete Bazzaz unit with traction control and quick shifter. this is their new quick shifter. Some stone chips to the fairing but nothing you would not expect in a race bike. Bazzaz system ZF1 TC, with fitted light and switch for 2 modes and TC adjustment. Brake lever guard Brake span adjuster Brembo 19RS Master cylinder NEW Fitted rain light with switch on handlebar Active Quick action throttle with spare insert Braided hoses throughout GB Racing covers both sides Akrapovic full race exhaust, end can has a couple of scratches from journeys in the van Wheels fitted with captive spacers, and axle has fixed wheel adjuster and lightweight axle nut WP Rear shock with high low speed compression and serviced by MC Front forks upgraded with Ktech internals and oils by 100% suspension 2 months ago Ohlins steering damper New Axfam chain fitted this season Radiator guard and oil cooler guard fitted Quick release keyless fuel cap Spare sprockets and carrier Keyless Ignition Adjustable rearsets (look like new) TT Clear screen Spare double bubble clear and dark screen Spare wheels and discs Reason for sale is I now have a new bike and need the money and room in the garage. PM me for further details £4500 ono Can remove WP shock and replace for refurbished road shock if you wish. Also on eBay 171906598464 cheers
  21. For sale Kawasaki ER6N 2012 15800 road miles, had since new. General wear and tear to be expected, powerful for a 650 fair play. Damage to footpeg. I've never had an issue riding with it but can be bought online at reasonable price if you want to keep it top notch on road or to your own lightweight spec if you want to upgrade it from a road bike to a mini twin. As such price is £2300 ono Genuine reason for sale. Peed off at paypal scammers: don't bother if you are... my photos are too big to upload so can send via Email on request cheers dudes and dudettes
  22. Road going CBR600rr 2005 I wish to Swap for a 600cc track bike with V5. I will also take cash n px for older bike. Konica Minolta fairings Spare rear shock Spare fuel pump 21000 millage MOT just expired I will put full MOT if swapping. Really nice condition Ask for Pics and can email over if required. Email on dalebteal@gmail.com if interested
  23. started breaking but now I need quick money for another race bike. Aftermarket bits lightweight front bracket, nitro rear shock, 2010 fireblade calipers, PC 5, pipecross air filter and spare pair of wheels. engine runs great, gearbox never missed a beat. hpi clear all numbers present and match v5. A lot of money here but I have run out of time so bag yourself a bargin. 2,800 but open to offers!!
  24. Selection of lightweight Talon race sprockets for the Triumph Daytona 675 or 675R (all years). Very light use and minimal mileage from selected rounds of the 2014 Triumph Triple Challenge (supplied and approved by T3 Racing for the series). Includes the following: Front sprockets: 14T, 15T & 16T Rear sprockets: 47T, 48T & 49T These sprockets are for use with the standard OE chain supplied by Triumph on these models. (I also have a very light use RK chain available- please message me for more details or to discuss.) Sprockets cost £150 approx- save £££ All 6 sprockets including delivery to mainland UK for £75 (+ Perfect chain available at just £25 if buying with sprockets) Thanks for looking (Photo to follow...)
  25. Aprilia RSV Factory - race/track bike (2003 – generation 2) Standard Ohlins forks and shock (internals and shim upgrade by M.C.T.), Ohlins steering damper, Oz wheels, Brembo radial master cylinder and callipers, carbon front fender and side panels. Standard motor (+/- 16000 miles) – 132bhp (rear wheel) Fresh oil after every race meeting (RockOil) Slipper clutch (STM) Quick-action throttle Forks and shock last serviced by K-Tech in 2013 Gilles Rear-sets Clip-ons with Renthal grips Akrapovic Ti race cans (with removable Db killers) Evoluzione Carbon air-box conversion Power Commander PCIII USB Race fairing Stompgrips R&G crash protectors MRA screen Barnett race clutch 520 RK Tagaso chain Talon sprockets Front and rear paddock stands V5 (currently SORN), dynosheets and receipts A few boxes of spares: standard air-box, rear-sets, footpegs, many rear brake and gear levers, dash, exhaust hangars, front fairing stays, side stand, clutch cover, clutch cover gasket, front sprockets, rear sprockets, standard throttle and cable, front subframe/air-runner, clutch lever, 2 x front fairings, 2 x tail units, 3 x belly-pans. The bike was first purchased by John Coughlan in late 2003 and raced with Bemsee (Supertwins) in 2004 and 2005 and with other clubs thereafter – many wins and podiums. At the start of 2011 the bike was bought by David Dyer in Northampton who did a few track days on it. I bought the bike from David in 2012 - I recognised it, having raced against John in 2004 and 2005. I did the ManxGP on it that year where the rear cylinder dropped a valve on the first lap of the Senior race. I sourced a standard motor (16 000 miles), had it fitted and setup by Don Plane of Southern Cross Motorcycles. I then raced it at the 2013 and 2014 ManxGPs. The 2013 Senior race was cancelled. This year, the bike did a Senior race average of 113.6mph (second fastest Aprilia RSV ever to Mark Miller’s factory effort in 2007) with a best lap of 114mph and finishing 8th overall. Not bad for an 11 year old road bike J Since fitting the new (used) engine, she has only done 13 laps of the TT Mountain Course. I’m looking at getting something more modern for next year. She’s a good one and I’ll be sad to see her go. £4500.00 Paul 07904 090908 Viewing welcome – near Silverstone.
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