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  1. r1lee

    Used tyre bundle

    Got 4 rear slicks , 2 Front slicks and a wet front for sale. Some got more than a day and I only had a day left. Wet is good. 195/200 rears and 120 front. Dunlop Bridgestone and metzelers ( wet is dunlop ) £70 collected but will be around Halifax , Sheffield and bury at the weekend
  2. r1lee

    Metzeler slicks

    Metzeler racetec rr 200 section rear 120 section front. Both k1 comp Brand new £260 delivered.
  3. r1lee


    Just new ones left
  4. r1lee


    195 Dunlop part worn wet. Needs cleaning up. 120 k1 metzeler rr slick new200 k1 metzeler rr slick new 195 Dunlop ms3 slick 1 day left in it 120 Dunlop ms1 slick 1 day left in it. 120 k1 metezeler rr slick 2 days in it 200 k1 metzeler rr slick 2 days in 1 of them a 1 in the other. Pm me if anyone is interested.
  5. r1lee

    R1 bits

    For sale is a left hand switch gear for a 2015 r1. Handy as a race spare. £70 posted. Pz racing 50htz gps laptimer that uses the origional dashboard. Very very easy to fit. £80 posted
  6. r1lee

    Brembo mc

    Forsale is a rcs brembo mc bought brand new and never used. I have however fitted a pp tuning flip up lever, again brand new. Still in the box. £200 inc post.
  7. r1lee

    Dunlop kr108 slick

    Sold !
  8. r1lee

    Dunlop kr108 slick

    Medium strong. The ms 5 is endurance
  9. r1lee

    Dunlop kr108 slick

    2017 date stored correctly Ms 4 comp 195 slick £140 delivered
  10. r1lee

    Yamaha r1

    Paul at Dyno bike. Malton.
  11. r1lee

    2015 - 18 R1 EBC GPFAX380HH race pads

    I'll have those paypal address
  12. r1lee

    Gearing thoughts

    Hi, do you gear your bikes to use 1-5 , 2-6 ( obviously using 1st for the grid ) or something else. For a 1000cc.
  13. r1lee

    Pirelli slicks v metzeler slicks

    Anyone tried them back to back ? I've got options of the Pirelli super bike slicks or metzeler slicks ( not the comp k slick ). Any feed back will be greatly appreciated.
  14. eBay item 292598007933
  15. r1lee


    That's for both sets

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