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  1. Password protected forums

    Nice one thanks Afraid I remember it too looks like we're all getting older
  2. Password protected forums

    Thanks Tried 'password' - didn't seem to be that
  3. Hi Used to be more of a regular on motoforum - now want to start playing again and wondering why when looking at unread content so many posts are in a password protected forum so I can't see them?
  4. Yamaha R6 TT or MGP Race Bike

    Someone's getting a lot for their money
  5. 13s bodywork on 2co r6

    As above may depend on what bodywork but stick to 2CO stuff unless changing to 13s tank and rear subframe - those and the airbox are the main differences between the two anyway - seat's a bit different as well.
  6. Free Motorcycle Parts

    Got some free slicks on the shelf - part worn dated 2008 or 2009
  7. YEC interface cable and software 2CO R6

    I've been after another cable ever since the guys managed to loose my USB one at the TT in 2014 - minor compared to them also managing to set bike alight in the pit lane! Anyway I've just got one from ebay (seller shahzad.rana) who actually in Norway and it works fine and is nicely made if anyone looking for one. Rana is a racer as well as an IT man - this cable needs a newer driver than the old one on the YEC CD which he sorts out as well.
  8. R6 13s parts 2008-2011

    Can I have the YEC bar switch? email is martin@carrino.co.uk
  9. Yamaha r6 2007 2co tank wanted asap.

    I've got one with tank protectors on plus stomp grips quick release fuel cap and fuel pump as well if you want them. Can send a couple of pictures if you give me an email address - has got one scuff still the original blue Yamaha paint
  10. Yamaha r6 2co

    13s seat not compatible with 2CO unfortunately as tank and rear sub-frame different
  11. Which is the best courier for tyres?

    We use APC at work - been excellent but not sure if you can you use them if not got an account? I've used firm's account when sent bits out paid them back honest!
  12. Best tyre for dyno.

    Any reason to want to get the highest possible reading on the dyno? Surely all you need to achieve is consistency in everything except whatever change you're testing - including same dyno obviously! Peter's comment about using a harder tyre to prevent deformation has to make sense as I would think that's a potential variable which could affect results.
  13. R6 2CO Fuel tank

    Got a blue R6 2CO fuel tank (06/07) complete with fuel pump and quick release cap. Got a slight scape in top - also got tank protectors plus stomp grips on it. Hopefully theres a picture below as not tried uploading one before got a couple more but there's a size limit for attachments. After £180 for it
  14. akropovic repairs?

    MHP - it's Mark Hill - pitlane36@gmail.com
  15. Sending parts abroad

    Only talking £200 at maximum - think I'll need to weigh and measure it next anyway. One more thing - I asked at post office today as I was in there and lady behind the counter said I would have customs issues. Anyone had experience of that or think she just wanted to get rid of me?