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    I did put my money where my mouth is! Soon as I heard that Marquez was confirmed that he would be riding in the Repsol HRC team ( before he won the Moto2 Title ) I shuffled down the bookies and after a lot of phone calls they offered me 30-1 on him winning the title in his first season... I paid £10......... I now have £310...... or I did till I paid the road tax on my van .... The bike is inherently unstable Marquez is inherently unstable and his brain is inherently unstable..........his talent isnt.... next year he's going to be even faster and Lorenzo knows this and so does Rossi.....Rossi now knows he is going to be an also ran all be it one of the fastest....would'nt bank on him getting to many 4th places next season I reckon its going to be a crash fest with Rossi being stuck in the 4th-10th place with Pol, Scott, Bradle etc casuing havoc!!! Cant wait
  2. finski

    Who makes Fiamma Awning sides?

    Thank you very much chass for the reply thats a great idea, I will look into it.
  3. finski

    Leathers / sponsor decals

  4. finski

    Leathers / sponsor decals

    Thanks for the replies where is Roger Clements based please, and do you have a contact number/website for him ?
  5. finski

    Leathers / sponsor decals

    Thanks for the replies where is Roger Clements based please?
  6. finski

    Leathers / sponsor decals

    Hi all, in the good old days you used to have to go to a leather specialist to get your name & sponsors logos put on your leathers and indeed were made up from leather but I understand now they are heated on like with an iron or press is this correct? What is the process and if this is not correct what is... ? Kind regards Finski
  7. finski

    Racing in mainland Europe

    You will need to upgrade your licence to a One Event International Licence and also get a new medical. You will also have to have insurance for the event which can be arranged by the ACU ( thieveing monkeys ) or arrange it yourself.. I done this in 2004 as I had entered the Grand Prix 250 class at the NW200 and was run under a FIM licence... Best thing is to call the ACU @ Rugby. Dont know if Rowena is still their but she was a fantastic lady who made things run smoothly... Also make sure you have your E111 card for health insurance otherwise if you get injured you will be paying out thousands in medical care and re-patriation fee's. Make sure your van/truck is well serviced take precautions like spare alternator/battery/waterpump/startermotor/belts etc worth checking ebay and getting a few 2nd hand parts otherwise if you breakdown your buggered and cant get to the meeting....of course AA/RAC will get you back one day.......but they rarely let you know what actual month haha......good luck
  8. I have just bought a Fiamma 4m awning and am looking at buying sides and the front to fit it also the channel to rivett to the van... I dont want to buy the genuine ones as they are not up to the job. Ruddock race homes used to make them I know and I called them before posting this but dont make them any more simply buy the genuine stuff. Does anyone know who can make some if I give them demensions or where I can get the material so I can have them made...one end needs to be a roll up door. Regards Finski
  9. Exhaust system but no end can very good condition made from Titianium plus exup sytem still fitted and working turns nice and easy with two fingers, just needs a good wipe over as dusty and been sitting in my garage for a few years....No dents or dings.....just buy an end can and you will have a nice full Akro system....sold with no reserve can collect from Coulsdon Surrey just inside M25/23 junction southside of London or postage will be about £20 Please check the photo to make sure you are sure it fits your bike as refunds will not be accepted...also the stainless end can in the background is being used to prop up the exhaust for this picture to give you a better view and is not for sale or part of the deal. email: cash_13@yahoo.com or call mobile: 07940 796265 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/321139019472?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Regards Lee
  10. finski

    R1 crossplane or 2011 Fireblade

    So there go my measurements of the engine them you crafty old fox
  11. finski

    What do you think of our video?

    Quality ginger video mate....seriously well made and a good way to atract future sponsors. Nice lad as well hope you get a deal sorted for next year..
  12. finski

    advice on were to race a pre 2000 750?

    No budget cup is the series you need and aimed at upto 2000 bikes... Just type it in Google or your browser
  13. finski

    Marshals Down

    Get well soon Chris al the very best....lets hope for a speedy recovery....but hey while your there give the nurses a groop!
  14. finski

    Moving to Germany

    The Germans raced into Belgium in 1940 and out again in 1945 they never had any paperwork....
  15. finski

    A win is a win!

    Furkin rocking made my day that has............ Well I have to say Roscoe I'll give you a pot for being my best mate.......hold on Your my only mate........furk me that two trophies in a week Budge to me after the first win I was never really that bothered it was more about beating the person that drove me made as no matter how hard you try against some people there luck always seems to be there.... they would hit a white line in the wet and they just carried on you hit the same line you lost traction or binned it! you know the type...well imagine your the lucky one and polden is me and you will have the idea........ I was lucky enough to win a huge amount of races in some great competitive classes from 1985- till I retired in 2007 but really only a few really mean anything........3rd in the manx GP and the most important to me was winning the Danny Whalin Trophy at Lydden against David Hallett not just the race although it was a blinder but Danny was a great friend....sadly missed