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  1. Charity scammer at Brands

    Well, she's been nicked at last! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-kent-18534455 Hopefully that's the last cash she'll make in the name of charity!
  2. Charity scammer at Brands

    Actually, one of the YPM lot's daughters got her car reg number. Might see if they still have it and pass on to Kent Police.
  3. Charity scammer at Brands

    That's her! She must be making a fortune out of fake charities, scumbag If I ever see her at Brands again, I will report her straight away.
  4. poor running 350lc

    It's missing on the same cylinder all the time. He thinks it may be elctrical so reversing the HT leads and plugs would rule out any electric issue if the fault stayed with the same cylinder. With these bikes, it doesn't matter what cylinder the HT lead is put on as they both spark at the same time every time, even though only one cylinder is at top dead centre. This is the "wasted spark" I'm on about. Personally, I reckon crank seal, but at least this very simple test would prove the electrics are not the cause.
  5. poor running 350lc

    These bikes run a wasted spark. Seriously, reverse the leads and plugs LHS to RHS and see if the problem stays with the RHS pot. I have now posted this on the 3 different forums you have asked for help, have you tried it yet? It will rule out an electrical issue, trust me.
  6. De-restricting an 09 R1

    Not my era really as my R1 was ten years older. They seem to think that the restriction is speed based from the speed sensor telling the ECU to restrict to a certain speed. If true then this thing can falsify the speed sensore and fool the ECU into thinking it is going lower than it's limit, letting the bike go over the limit. Either way, I am no expert as I'm into Yam 2 strokes and didn't even know they were speed restricted in the first place. Hopefully someone using a 99 R1 will know for sure.
  7. De-restricting an 09 R1

    Sorry, didn't realise that but a bit of digging found one of these speed healer thingies... No experience personally but may do the trick. http://www.tobefast.com/speedo-healer-v4-yamaha-multi-pr-4447.html Might be worth contacting them and seeing if this works for a 99 R1 as they claim this.... "Speedohealer can by-pass (alter around for top speed Bonneville or radar-trap runs) the built-in factory speed limiter on specific Honda, Kawasaki, and Yamaha bikes, such as the CBR1000RR, Yamaha R1 Speedohealer, ZX10R and ZX14. "
  8. De-restricting an 09 R1

    If you mean the Yamaha R125 learner, baby R series bike then there won't be much more than the standard 14.5bhp in there unfortunately. The new 4 stroke 125's don't have half of thier power restricted to make them learner legal like the 2 stroke NSR's and RS125's etc.
  9. De-restricting an 09 R1

    In the battle to be king of the magazine shoot-outs, I'm surprised Yamaha restrict them in the first place. If they do to meet some sort of emmisions test or such then surely it would be just exhaust/ECU related?
  10. Charity scammer at Brands

    She has been doing the rounds the last 2 times I have been to Brands last year and this. It looks liek a very profitable scam so not doubt she'll be back. If I see her I will definitely get a photo.
  11. Charity scammer at Brands

    Sadly Pete, I reckon she's there at evey large meeting so she'll probably be back next week to make a few hundred from the truck racing paddock. Someone did catch the reg no of her car as she left, but it would be near imposible for the Brands management to stop her coming in as a paying punter. I saw her the last time I was at Brands and thought it dubios then. When I saw the same tatty bits of photocopied sponsorship forms that she was using last year, I though it was worth questioning her validity. Lets just say that she didn't have much to backup her claims so resorted to a quite loud rant of foul and abusive language and stormed off. She carries a plastic folder with a prominent BBC3 logo on the front so initiually people think she's something to do with the telly so they don't avoid her. The logo is nothing to do with it but helps her appraoch people. The collection plasitc pint glass from the bar is only full of notes so when she hits you with the "Children with Lukemia" people feel they have to match the donations which appear to have already been made. When asked to backup her ligitimacy she changed her story a couple of times and was then reluctant for me to have a proper look at the sponsorship forms, as they were that old and tatty, that I suspect they have been in use a while. This sort of thing really gets on my wick as genuine charity is being devauled by these scammers.
  12. Charity scammer at Brands

    If anyone else sees the scammer who I confronted in the lower paddock at Brands today, please do not give her any money. This woman wonders around on a race day with a plastic pint glass full of notes, with a tenner at the top. She has has the same old printed off BBC3 logo bit on a bit of paper on show in her folder and pretends to collect for "children with lukemia". She has no ID what so ever and is taking £5 plus from people by pretending to take sponsorship for a race her son is doing for her youth club. I saw the same woman last year using the same tatty bits of paper take money last September at Brands. When confronted today she moved on. She was later seen near the race office arguing with someone else about her validity. As a one off I would normally let this go but she has been scamming this paddock using the same tatty sponsorship forms for too long now.
  13. Either Bridgestone are trying to "get down" with da kids and keep it real, or they need an English proof reader for their website. This was the tagline for the R10 tyre from their website... "A flagship brand of BATTLAX was reborn. It was aimed at only winning in a race, and it was trained well thoroughly. " "Well thoroughly" man! http://www.bridgesto...attlax/r10.html
  14. Bored? Take a look at this...

    Funny but fictional..... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Landover_Baptist_Church Satire at it's best though
  15. National Junior Cup 2012 Bike Information

    It would have been nice to have seen peak power on the RS125 though. Why stop the curve when it is still climbing? I like to see the full curve on a dyno, showing peak power and the tail off afterwards, not a curve which is just shut off when still increasing. As you said though - a nice flat torgue curve on the 250 should make it pretty predictable. Personally, being a 2 stroke fan, I prefer a bit of peakiness !