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  1. price drop to £25 or £30 inc postage for quick sale. Andy
  2. Optimate 3 12v battery saving charger, tester and maintainer for sale. Barely used (need to change for Li-Ion type due to new bike). Comes with both sets of cables and hanger. Retails at £50 so grab a bargain at £30 ovno plus postage (approx £5). Andy
  3. I have a full set of road parts for a 2019/2020 bmw s1000RR m-sport model. Was bought brand new from BMW motorard and has not turned a wheel before being shipped up for a track bike conversion by PCR. Should have: Bodywork (not mudguard or tank cover) lights indicators Footpegs Maybe other things once get the bike back. PM me if interested for bits. Andy
  4. TCP - 'Not done by previous owner i hasten to add. It was done by PCR. Who built the whole bike from brand new. And it was one of the worst bike builds i have ever had done. They are a joke. And if you have a problem Andy you have my number i will be happy to speak.' Sorry if that was not the case then, since this was the info that I was being given, no offence meant to anyone Andy
  5. Not too sure about the ABS disable tbh as was done by PCR, but don't think is a major job. I am looking at getting the yoshi abs eliminator refitted to allow the pump to be removed as wasn't done correctly first time round (not by PCR I hasten to add, but by the previous owner). Has also got brembo M/C and braided hoses, and I use Bendix MCR pads and stops well enough for someone at my ability.
  6. I had a 2013 ZX10 (ex BSB SSTK) after years on a GSXR (K3, K6 and K9), which was a great bike. Then traded 'up' for a 2016 ZX10 and never really got on with it (loads of my mates also got rid of theirs) and moved onto a L7 GSXR, which is a great bike. As for what needs to be done, that depends on how much you want to spend, in reality both will need pretty much the same. I've had ABS disabled (not removed as yet), suspension, shift er/blipper enabled (as not RR), full system and remap and other 'normal' stuff. ZX10 had more top end (was 206 on PCR dyno were as GSXR is 196), but not at lot at the bottom end. Guess only way is to try, but would recommend the GSXR Andy
  7. photos as well pls to andy_shipp@yahoo.com Andy
  8. if can confirm compound and dates will be interested Andy
  9. What compound are they and is that price posted ? Andy
  10. Sorry no, mainly bodywork and ancillaries.
  11. Does anyone know if wheels from any other GSXR1000 model can be made to easily fit the new version, and if so what needs to be done. Cheers Andy
  12. For sale, full set of GSXR1000 L7 road gear - got the lot, all brand new never used, kept as part of track day bike build. Full set of body work inc lights all infill panels and both seats (black) Footrests + hangers (front and rear both side) Switch gear Original m/c + lever Rear shock Front fork internals Original OE tyres (Bridgestone) + various other bits (not 100% sure what it all is to be honest). Ring or Pm if interested in bits (bodywork would prefer to sell as a complete set, other bits can go as needed) Andy 07802 204732
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