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  1. If it's 06 onwards it's fly by wire so there's a few blippers available, but I've never used an aftermarket one, I'm old skool and use the clutch and blip for myself... If it's pre 06 it's on cable throttle so no blipper options except the right hand
  2. If you want to not have to touch the clutch you'll need a blipper. If you kick it down the box, even with the slipper you'll take the edges of the gear dogs really quickly
  3. You can't receive messages! Inbox may be full. Can you let me know a price on the shock. Thanks
  4. wavey

    Bikes at Superstock

    Matt truelove rode one last year and mostly complained about the constant wheelies, combination of the chassis and power delivery that can't be changed enough within the stock rules
  5. Selling my spare zx6 engine, actually an 07 head but ported to match an 09 with 3 angle valve seats cut by Chris mayhew. 09 cams, dialled. 09 bottom end. Used as my spare motor to do early season testing and races, done equivalent of a season's club racing since a refresh ( valves, retainers, rings, shells, etc) Bike sold so no longer needed. £1800, collected from Lincoln 07855475365 or dphracing@yahoo.com
  6. 09 onwards zx6 forks with ohlins 30mm cartridges kits fitted. Very tidy condition with no crash damage £750. Can post but collection from Lincoln preferred. 07855745365 or dphracing@yahoo.com
  7. Try B+C express as they're now the importer 01522791369
  8. Think I've got a good set in the shed. I'll double check!
  9. I have mine in the for sale section. £6350 for a very good bike with superstock motor and spare wheels. Ohlins too 😉
  10. Tried one on the Dyno back to back with a tired and unlubed 520, absolutely no difference, smaller rollers but more of them so just as much surface area creating drag. Only reason to change is the final drive ratios can be altered in smaller increments. Continued racing the 520 option as it's stronger
  11. http://ebay.us/mAt5zn?cmpnId=5338273189 Price reduced to £5999 with the superstock engine fitted
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