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  1. Is anyone able to help me remove data from the site? please pm me. Thanks
  2. I have loads of bits for SV650 2003 that I want to sell in one go. I broke the bike down as part of an unfinished project but have split from my wife so need space in garage for storage hence the price and need for a quick sale. The frame and engine have a v5 and are genuine road bike bits and you can check numbers if you like. Never raced but was 40k road mileage. The engine has not been started for 2 years so cannot vouch for it was working fine before being broken down. Have key for tank and bike but think I sold the ignition barrel. List of bits below but is prob more as well: Forks - bent Yokes - unsure if they are bent Rear road mudguard with indicators Box with brake calipers, levers, throttle body, wiring loom, pegs, ecu plus more. Oil cooler Radiator Frame with numbers with new head bearing Engine with numbers that go with the frame. Was working when broken down. No guarantee it does now. Assorted paddock stands(not Abba) Exhaust with link pipes but they have been cut. Bag of bits for stripped down forks with aftermarket progressive springs plus powdercoated black stanchions, powdercoated yokes with new bearings and a box of all new bolts. Used subframe Used swingarm Headlight Front subframe Grab rail Battery Mirrors Spindles Copper petrol tank. Price £200 no offers and for all bits. Have some pics.
  3. Got various bits off a 2003 SV650 on ebay here: http://www.ebay.co.u...=&_trksid=p3686 Rest of the bike is breaking as well if there is anything you need just PM me. (Wheels have gone already)
  4. Hornstar

    Cartridge Emulators for SV650

    The remaining emulators going on ebay tomorrow at £40+postage & fees. Let me know if you want a set at the above price and ill get them posted Monday.
  5. Emulator Valve Set These ARE NOT Racetech valves but are identical models. These items are 41mm diameter (23.90mm across the lower lip that sits in the damper rod) and have been used successfully by SV650 riders to improve the damping on the front end. Racetech emulators are £140+ and so these are a bargain for practically the same item. They will help control the compression damping of the front forks and will transform your front suspension. The item will fit the following models: Sv650 1999-2002 _ Damper rods require modification as per the Racetech valves Sv650 2003+ - Damper rods require modification as per the Racetech valves and an additional spacer is required to allow the valve to seat in the top of the Damper Rod. This is due to the SV650 damper rod "seat" being slightly larger than the curvy. SV riders can research the modifications and the availability of spacers via http://forums.sv650.org or http://www.svrider.com/forum/ There is also a very good right up with pics on how to fit them here: http://forums.sv650....ighlight=debrix These valves may fit other models but please do your own research if you are unsure. I am looking for £36 per set plus postage of £1.50. Please PM me if your interested.
  6. Hornstar

    Want to know what it's like racing a Minitwin?

    Great Vid. More of those please!
  7. Hornstar

    Wheel Powdercoating

    £50 a wheel Adept Industrial Finishers in Thornton Heath, Croydon.
  8. Hornstar

    Sv650 Emulators on fleabay

    Found these whilst fishing on fleabay! Dunno if they are any use but says they will fit SV's. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sv650-Front-Fork-Emulator-Valves-SV-650-NOT-RACETECH-Suzuki-Harley-/270932218121?pt=UK_Motorcycle_Parts&hash=item3f14d19109
  9. Hornstar

    Thinking bout starting racing.

    Congrats mate. Let the fun begin. I raced for a couple of seasons in 05/06 in the minitwins and I found it was £5k a season but then I did every round with Bemsee except Pembrey. Costs will have gone up but if all you want is a bit of fun then it doesn't need to cost you alot. Just remember....once you have been bitten by the bug it will never let you go! I am planning on racing again either next year or the year after 6 years out. Whens your first race? And be sure to post about your experience in your first weekend.
  10. Hornstar

    cost of racing

    Surely thats not just one class and the test day though?
  11. Hornstar

    the end of clubs

    I have read through this thread a couple of times and have to echo Stock Man's comments. I think that Dave has just been responding to comments posted and has had to elaborate on how his club does things. If this shows that they do things well and there is benefit to their members then great. For me, I would probably not race with them for one reason, the travel to all the different circuits would be too much for me. So on that basis I would race with Bemsee. Thats not to say I prefer their organizational structure or anything but for personal reasons travelling to angelsey,, outlton park, pembrey, is just too much for me. I am happy racing at Brands and Snett as its local and Bemsee have great minitwin grids. Also, competition is a good thing as it encourages value for money, good customer service and it generally encourages businesses to pull their socks up. This is all good and benefits us racers in the long run. To have a few monopolies is never great and so I am all for Thundersport GB bringing something different to racers and the exposure they seem to be generating for grass roots racing is brilliant. Ultimately the number of racers turning up to meetings will provide proof over who is doing what right and there are definately a couple of clubs that seem to be doing things well for their members as grids are generally healthy at their meetings. Thats my opinion anyway. I hope club racing stays strong and continues to grow as in my eyes we do have a healthy domestic race scene. I want my kids to be able to grow up and be able to spectate and compete (my 4 year old is desperate to be the next Rossi. lol) and without the clubs providing the service that will never happen!
  12. Hornstar

    SV650 Power commander

    Interested. check pm.
  13. Hi all, Want a set of Sv650 tyres for my road bike. Anyone got any used tyres they want to get rid of then please pm me with the details and how much you want for them. Im in Croydon so can collect in the local vicinity or at any Brands race/track day weekend. Cheers Martyn
  14. Hornstar

    MotoGP Disgrace

    Just so sad to hear this news and then to see the accident...well....Im just speechless. It was clear to anyone that Shoya needed urgent medical attention the minute the accident happened. He was hit by a bike travellig at what..100mph. It should have been red-flagged immediately and then for the marshals to drop him. Just scandolous. It makes me tearful and sick to my stomach. May you rest in peace Shoya.

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