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  1. Crc seat unit, only ever test fitted to the bike. Easily the best aftermarket seat unit. Includes seat base seat top seat pad unpainted and only used to mock a bike up. 199
  2. appreciate the offer but not the tool i'm talking about 🤣
  3. He’s round the corner from me I thought I’d asked him but I could be going senile.
  4. Little over 4000 miles, zero damage can be used 2011 onwards but dash is 2016 gen 5 £325
  5. 3600 road miles cylinder head for sale. complete item, all valve train present, cams and cam cover. £699
  6. Anyone have one that’s no longer required before I start ringing round.
  7. They are interchangeable but it is a different head (other than the 19 on head, that’s a different ball game all together)
  8. frame rails and rear v piece from a 2017 bike £165
  9. Inflatable pole less type awning, huge thing, size 4xl £199 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/164243487442
  10. Youll need to do 130 if the weather is kind and Todd hasnt got that. I think Dunlop probably has if hes on his game
  11. I'll take that bet. You know Hickman has a marcus powered R6 dont you 😃
  12. It would do well. It’s a wanted add 😬
  13. Forks require a replacement fork foot as one of the pinch bolts sheared the clasp I've been quoted about a grand tp repair them including a service (that was full retail inc vat) TTx 25 mil superbike forks with proper factory upgrades - identical to the 300/301 to view, internal specs differ and the latter forks are longer (these have been extended) forks have genuine GP valving upgrades to compression and rebound (this cost a grand) they also have extended fork caps although one has a tiny chamfer to one top but it doesnt effect the use. Original fork caps are included as are mudguard brackets, an axel, and a captive nut (requires threading to suit) £2500 - also advertised on ebay if the picture hunters are low on material 😄 Specification here - https://www.ohlins.com/app/uploads/world/documents/2011/12/OM_07280-19.pdf
  14. quarrybends

    350 YPVS

    https://www.ypmrc.co.uk/ As good a place as any to start
  15. everything sold other than ohlins ka 468 gp Shock Loom standard damper standard clutch
  16. Ex Louth Honda Racing UK Sp2 superbike engine for sale. Cosworth tuned, Nova box, ex hutchinson/Davo spare motor 2019 £4495
  17. Ex PBM WSB wheel rack on casters, holds 10 / 12 wheels on two levels, aluminium box section on industrial type caster wheels, still has "Tamada" decal on it. Ideal if you are going to the tyre man with multiple wheels and you dont want to screw the discs. also perfect for storage as you can wheel it back in the truck from the awning out of the way £350
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