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  1. quarrybends

    720 + sprockets for sale

  2. quarrybends


    I can't see that stopping it from boiling at 85 degrees
  3. quarrybends

    720 + sprockets for sale

    Clearing my stock of sprockets as it’s a bit out of control.  600 plus rears to fit just about everything, some new some lightly used. 120 plus fronts Ideal for someone to retail and make a good return on. Drop me a pm to talk about costs, a lot less than you probably think. Plenty of scope for a really good return.
  4. quarrybends


    It being at 85 ish and blowing back is the concern to me. Water doesn’t boil until 100 degrees so logic says it’s pressure related to me. Id be hopeful of the rad cap 🙂
  5. quarrybends


    I’d be looking at one of two things. A: rad cap, possibly releasing pressure before it needs to b: head gasket. Stick a compression tester on it to be sure
  6. quarrybends

    Clutch problems

    Plates are goosed imo. They’ll have gone soft. New pack and away you go.
  7. quarrybends

    Twin or h lines?

    The h style does gives you more room around the master cylinder for routing stuff and it’ll be a touch less weight (it all adds up) 😬
  8. quarrybends

    09 zx6r aftermarket bell mouths

    I've got 10 park drive and a clipper lighter
  9. quarrybends

    Best place to buy yec parts

    Your problem now is that I think the last batch has been delivered for this year. Try Andy at Webbs of Lincoln and see what he says about anymore stock coming in this year. Padgetts order stock but get your lube handy.
  10. quarrybends

    09 zx6r aftermarket bell mouths

    And so it begins..... the eternal search for horsepower 😆
  11. quarrybends

    WANTED: brembo 108 mil monoblocs

    Located thanks.
  12. quarrybends

    HM dash with 09-13 zx6r and zx10r 11-15 backplates

    Got a feeling that mr grumpy is currently in foreign parts
  13. quarrybends

    Yec r6 Ecu 13s

    See a previous thread abovefor part numbers
  14. Do you have any “pics” for my (ever expanding) collection? 😆
  15. quarrybends

    Aim GPS sensor needed urgently

    The top Smarty cam gps models are mine, they don't work with the MXL dash, So don't hit the button on those Neil :-)