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  1. Taken them in part ex on my car today Both have v5’s bike 1 ive owned before, seton tuned engine, Ohlins rear, akrapovic exhaust AP calipers and discs at the front. £2395 bike 2 trackbike with an arrow system and race bodywork, really clean bike with new tyres £1650
  2. quarrybends

    Arrow titanium system bmw s1000rr gen 3

    I also have a new HM shifter/blipper that i'd missed £250
  3. quarrybends

    Arrow titanium system bmw s1000rr gen 3

    £1200 no bids at this price please
  4. quarrybends

    GSXR 7/11 project classic racer

    Right. I need to rustle some doh up for a(nother) rediculous folly comes with some k1 forks fitted that have mudguard brackets, A 1216 tuned motor that’s done very little, Kent Suz 1 cams, ported head, valve seats recut and stronger springs, je pistons mikuni rs38 flatslides (almost new) alternator blamked off dbr rearsets aluminium battery tray micron system bandit sunp’d mocal oil cooler wp fully adjustable modern shock hi/low damp 750 w swingarm swirltchgear for starting, rain light, pit limiter ive junked the sp2 calipers as a pair of k1/2 gsxr will not require fettling to keep things simple. Absolutely fantastic base for a classic race bike £2500
  5. quarrybends

    CBR1000rr race fairing 2004-2007

    Pretty sure I’ve got an rr4 rr5 kit that’s in primer. It’s not painted but it’s solid and 125 quids based jct 33 m1
  6. quarrybends

    07-12 CBR 600RR Gererator plug.

    Send me you address Mick and i'll send it over. Don't worry about the postage
  7. quarrybends

    GSXR600 L1 onwards motor WANTED

    Sick tired motor wanted. Blown bottom end, gearbox failure missing etc I've new crank,rods,pistons, box and cams to repair so a tired motor would be ideal but anything considered
  8. quarrybends

    07-12 CBR 600RR Gererator plug.

    I’ll have a look this afternoon mick. Pretty sure I’ve something you can canabilse. Consider it a Christmas present 😀
  9. quarrybends

    2017 ZX10 Reg/Rec bracket

    It’s long gone buddy I’m afraid but I think mss had some made it mounted above the sprocket. I did however have a kit loom so no abs pump
  10. quarrybends

    Arrow titanium system bmw s1000rr gen 3

    Shifter sold
  11. quarrybends

    2017 ZX10 Reg/Rec bracket

    I used a copy of the kit breather which did both, gave you a catchtamk for the crankcase breather system and mounted the reg rec bracket. Bought it from some random on eBay from memory
  12. quarrybends

    Arrow titanium system bmw s1000rr gen 3

    I've a couple of other bitts too for the gen 3 Couple of low miles carbon fibre air filters 50 a piece (they look new being fair) New in the box HM shifter/blipper 250
  13. quarrybends

    Arrow titanium system bmw s1000rr gen 3

    Sorry buddy I don’t see the point

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