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  1. quarrybends

    Yamaha r1 4xv1998 parts wanted

    From memory... ive got clock bracket, bars, airbox, yokes,ignition switch and 1 key and mirrors
  2. quarrybends

    Ohlins FG9200 axial classic superbike forks

  3. quarrybends

    Ohlins FG9200 axial classic superbike forks

    I believe Christmas was the month before last Michael. Ho ho ho! and anytime buddy 😃
  4. quarrybends

    Zx7r aluminum Oz multispoke wheels

    17” fitment
  5. Mulrispoke wheels black, aluminum multispoke and in excellent condition 320 mil braking wavy discs fitted standard rear disc and sprocket carrier £850
  6. Ohlins fg9200 superbike forks in very good original condition. Billet aluminum yokes, front wheel spindle and mudguard, 40 mil caliper spacing. Previously fitted to zx7rr £2950 billet brembo axial calipers to suit above forks with good sbs pads £750 40 mil spacing.
  7. quarrybends

    OZ front wheels brembo t drive

    All wheels sold. Discs still available
  8. quarrybends

    Zx7r parts

    Shock sold
  9. quarrybends

    Zx7r parts

  10. quarrybends

    Zx7r parts

    Will do mick
  11. quarrybends

    Kawasaki/Honda race parts

    Yes i'm a real boring fecker at times 😁
  12. quarrybends

    Kawasaki/Honda race parts

    You could use the shock with a 11-15 linkage 👍 on the later bike john.
  13. quarrybends

    OZ front wheels brembo t drive

    4 x aluminium Gas RS front sbk wheels only ever had tyres fitted £350 each Sbk disc fitment, will go in most bike as the spigot is relatively narrow Brembo 330 mil t drives to suit above 395 3 sets available minimal use in testing Brembo 320 mil discs with 5 mil offset, 6 bolt 80 pcd 65 centers 350
  14. quarrybends

    Zx7r parts

    Ap calipers and discs 750 ohlins rear shock 500 forks 100 (one leg weeps but bothe are straight) chasis painted black 100 numbers present  motor in good running order 295 akrapovic stainless system 500 carbs jetted for above recently serviced 85 harris Rearsets 125 good loom and igniter with ignition and tank cap 80  yokes 50
  15. quarrybends

    Yamaha R6 GB protection bundles

    Kits all sold

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