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  1. quarrybends

    Rsv4 Austin

    I’ve one for sale on ebay https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F163322197320
  2. Remaining showa kit shock hrc kit steering damper blown tt tank with qr cap and breather race only frame (not type approved for uk)
  3. Ex tsr cbr 600rr breaking Cbr600 rr Engine 2000 (125 horse on OTC dyno) kit genny cams etc etc less than 600 miles since new cases sold Kit Forks 700 sold Kit Shock 500 Tsr System 600 sold Subby 100 sold Yokes 100 sold Kit Swinger 100 sold Kit Damper 200 Wheels with falter discs 3 spoke 400 sold 07 -11 Kits 180 for two sold Kit Rad 275 sold Kit Loom and ecu 650 sold Kit Bell mouths 200 sold Footrest 125 sold Dynojet sold
  4. Currently building a bike so I need the following Motor carbs exhaust rear shock
  5. quarrybends

    7 x OZ piega front wheels

    6 remaining
  6. I think it is Mick, it’s also raised too by about 10 mil, the tank has been blown. it’s also had a breather welded in
  7. quarrybends

    7 x OZ piega front wheels

    Measurements 128 mounting faces 70 mil locating hole 85 mil pcd
  8. quarrybends

    7 x OZ piega front wheels

  9. quarrybends

    7 x OZ piega front wheels

    All: satin black forged Aluminium 17” 3.5” sbk type fitment, 6 bolt Brembo sbk discs type New unused, some have had Tyres fitted but unused in anger. £450 each
  10. quarrybends

    Motec m800

    UTC sold £1450 for the ECU, stepper motor plug in and the ignition amps
  11. quarrybends

    Pierobon mobile wheel rack ex renegade Ducati

    Dignitas on standby
  12. Lightweight trellis Aluminium construction but also very strong. Easily enough to store 20 wheels on three levels. You can use it with either one two or three levels and it’s on castors with brakes so can be moved if required. Its up in my loft so only enquire if youve a genuine interest, photos will not be easy to take! £400 - obscene amounts from pierobon new.

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