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  1. scooby

    Gen 3 S1000rr switchgear

    i have a new set,it's off the non sport version so doesn't have the cruise control button on there if thats any use
  2. scooby

    Promach SBK complete top+bottom yokes

    1 complete set left
  3. scooby

    Top spec 2017/18 R1

    bummer.i'll drop you txt when i'm off to oulton
  4. scooby

    Top spec 2017/18 R1

    thats a bummer matt,no plan at all for this yr then?
  5. helps if you put a link up to them so people can see what they are(and rrp helps )
  6. scooby

    Looking Aim dash/logger or evo4

    for what bike?
  7. scooby

    Promach SBK complete top+bottom yokes

    220mm fork centre to centre
  8. scooby

    Promach SBK complete top+bottom yokes

    dunno,will measure in a bit when i get home
  9. 52mm top 58mm bottom with alloy stem used but in very good condition £300 got 1set with stem and 1 set just top+bottom no stem. £200 for just the yokes,no stem i might also have an adjustable set with a cambered stem to allow different offset. also a well used set,straight but marking on the anodising £100 for that one(first pic)
  10. scooby

    Untitled Album

  11. for the picture hunters amongst you https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Honda-CBR1000-SP2-Wsbk-Superbikes-Race-bike-Track-day-Bike-Choice-of-2-bikes/223301773136?hash=item33fdd2a750:g:kPwAAOSwG1JcJiCw:rk:1:pf:0
  12. scooby

    bmw dash

    tbh your only real options are the i2m dash as a plug+play,the Aim dashes struggle to cope with the various options/settings on the stock dash,and do actually advise against using one (be it mxl2 etc) for me,just get a solo2 DL along with a ECU connecting lead,this will give you most of logging info you'll need at half the price of the dash,lus the software is alot easier to use. or you just want for the bling?
  13. scooby


    got a full loom.ECU+keys+ignition for a gen 3 if thats any help?
  14. scooby

    AIM Solo DL

    it will but you need the correct ECU connect lead,i have 1 if you end up buying it.or you can use with out the lead you just wont get the full logging capabilities the lead gives you

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