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  1. scooby

    bmw dash

    tbh your only real options are the i2m dash as a plug+play,the Aim dashes struggle to cope with the various options/settings on the stock dash,and do actually advise against using one (be it mxl2 etc) for me,just get a solo2 DL along with a ECU connecting lead,this will give you most of logging info you'll need at half the price of the dash,lus the software is alot easier to use. or you just want for the bling?
  2. scooby


    got a full loom.ECU+keys+ignition for a gen 3 if thats any help?
  3. scooby

    AIM Solo DL

    it will but you need the correct ECU connect lead,i have 1 if you end up buying it.or you can use with out the lead you just wont get the full logging capabilities the lead gives you
  4. scooby

    BMW s1000rr rear wheel spindle 2017

    had a look,i've got 1 but is't mint.
  5. scooby

    BMW s1000rr rear wheel spindle 2017

    will do later hen i get in from work
  6. scooby

    BMW s1000rr rear wheel spindle 2017

    i've got 1 i think,will need to check if it it's mint though
  7. scooby

    Jerez track advice........

    well if it's full,then there wont be a day rate because it's full already.... but if you did turn up,and a place became available due to crash/breakdown etc then you would be able to get on for a daily rate.
  8. scooby

    Jerez track advice........

    you've no chance of just getting a day rate if it's full,jerez are very strict on numbers going out on track,you could jus turn up,if there is a space that becomes available then you will be able to get on
  9. i've got left hand switch gear off a gen3,non sport model (no cruise control switch on it) if that'll work?
  10. scooby

    Pierobon mobile wheel rack ex renegade Ducati

    *#~@ it.pics please 😂
  11. as above,in very good condition with a few wheels change marks.in black with red piping comes with carrier,cush rubbers,spacers,disc+TC ring. brand new renthal sprocket (520/43) and a selection of used sprockets. £300 pick up or + delivery
  12. in excellent condition,no dings,scrapes etc.stainlees can with carbon tip, comes with all springs,baffle,hanger etc.also comes with the 2 lambda sensors in the headers taken off my gen3 bike but will fit a gen2,just need to centre the headers on the exhaust ports. £475 pick up
  13. scooby

    Bmw parts

    got a rear wheel complete with carrier,disc etc if your interested in that?
  14. scooby

    bmw s1000rr2015 gen3 parts

    updated list . standard m/c with pazzo lever £SOLD ECU,loom+ignition lock set (2 keys) £400 MIVV full race system,end can+baffle £500 Brembo gp4rx calipers "cafe racer" style,same billet construction,just look different then the shiney ones.with hel "H" lines,decent SBS dc pads bonjo bolts etc £575 Standard front electronic suspension,complete. £SOLD standard electronic rear shock £125 black swingarm with bobbins+shark fin £100 standard fly by wire throttle £SOLD Engine,5800miles £2500 MWR race filter £50 (needs oiling) pm me or message on 07833308541 cheers all plus delivery,and any fees from PP loads of other bits+bobs,air box,oil coolers etc

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