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    R6 2006/08 spares and race stuff.

    Now on ebay.
  2. moosey

    R6 2006/08 spares and race stuff.

    yes mate, not sure how much it's worth though.
  3. moosey

    2006+ R6 2CO BITS AND PIECES

    Hi Nathan, I have, 2008 R6 adjustable Wallrav rearsets, brand new in the box £230 http://www.wallrav.com/img/Wallrav_2009.pdf T200 lap timer £80 I also have some other bits and pieces in the for sale section. http://www.motoforum.net/index.php?showtopic=45055 Cheers Deb
  4. moosey

    R6 2006/08 spares and race stuff.

    My van sailed through MOT so I will definitely be at Brands on Saturday.
  5. Selling up. I’ve been away travelling for a year before deciding about hanging up my leathers for good. I have the following for sale which will all go on ebay in a couple of days, but I thought I’d put stuff out to motoforum 1st. I have photo’s of everything, just give me a shout. I’m not sure about all of the prices, so any queries, again give me a shout. I’ll post stuff out, but I’ll ask you to cover the P&P please. I’ve put the year of the bike the kit came off, but a lot of things will fit 06/08, but please be sure yourself. I’m planning to b at Bemsse Brands on the 15th, but it depends if my van passes it’s MOT or not, if it does, I’ll bring stuff there. Cheers all Deb 07782 328307 H.W.W tyre warmer 120/180 £150 SOLD 20 litre army jerrycans £10 each SOLD SOLD Fuel tank foam £20 SOLD SOLD 2006 R6 Hel front braded hoses £15 SOLD SOLD Harris Paddock stands £90 SOLD R6 06 Skidmarks screen £30 2008 Full R6 body work including screen and front mud guard, never crashed but slight damage caused in storage and the odd scratch here and there, easy fix, £300 SOLD T200 lap timer £80 SOLD SOLD Transponder Tranx 260 with bracket and charger £150 SOLD SOLD Pit board and number £50 SOLD SOLD R6 front brake master cylinder new. SOLD SOLD R6 2008 fuel tank cap, screw type £30 SOLD SOLD Carbon shark fin £10 SOLD 2008 R6 Yamaha R6 clip ons £50 SOLD Spares for SES R6 rearsets £40 SOLD 2008 R6 front wheel spacers 2008 R6 rear wheel spacers. 2008 R6 Sprockets and sprocket carrier, no cush drive 2008 R6 47x2, 46, 45, 15, 16. £150 SOLD 2008 R6 Carbon engine case covers all 3 £100 SOLD 2008 R6 Standard sprocket cover brand new and cut one for easy access. £25 SOLD 2006 R6 Micron exhaust noise reducer. Slight modification to pass Salzberg’s noise limit £20 SOLD SOLD 2008 R6 crankcase cover with gasket, brand new. £50 SOLD SOLD 2008 R6 Quick action throttle with cables £80 SOLD SOLD 2008 R6 quickshifter, race shift. I think it’s a push. £150 SOLD SOLD 2008 R6 Samco hose kit complete, in Pink  £40 SOLD 2008 R6 adjustable Wallrav rearsets, brand new in the box £230 SOLD 2006 R6 rims with 2008 discs on the front, no rear disc £400 SOLD
  6. moosey

    Jorge Vairinhos (Riot Racing) Court Case

    Excellent news indeed. I'm really pleased for you Jorge although as has been said, it's sucks that you had to go through it.
  7. moosey

    Wheel straightening

    I've just had a top service from John Parsons in Farnborough who managed to get me a perfect wheel out of 2 wrong'uns. He also took a big ding out of an R6 wheel last year. If you need a wheel sorting, he's your man.
  8. moosey

    sim cards

    or buy a pay as you go sim for your car phone and transfer all calls to you car phone when you get in the car. Actually, that's a bit crap for outgoing calls. Ignore me.
  9. moosey

    Stock 08/09 R6

    I'm looking for a superstock or crash damaged 2008 or 2009 R6. Give me a bell please 07782 328307 Thanks Deb
  10. moosey

    Anyone going testing in Southern Spain in January?

    Ooops sorry for the typo.
  11. moosey

    Happy burfday Sarah Jordan

    I missed it too. Happy birthday bird
  12. moosey

    Anyone going testing in Southern Spain in January?

    try Simon at Motofreight. 07841 37689o HTH
  13. moosey

    Anyone fancy going Karting?

    Just seen this, You'll have to strike me from the list Bridgette, defo can't do the 29th, 30th, I'm the other side of the pond again. I'll keep an eye on if it changes. I've more free time in December. Cheers Deb.
  14. moosey

    PRESS RELEASE: Thundersport 500

    Fingers crossed it will go back to FIM rules being that I'm there already. That's just my selfish 37p.
  15. moosey

    PRESS RELEASE: Thundersport 500

    So if ECU's are used anyway, what's the advantage of changing the rules? Perhaps I should go and do some reading!!