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  1. We've got complete levers in stock, £110+vat, brembo only supply either blade or full lever. www.pdq1.com
  2. Brembo don't officially sell spares for alot of their stuff, it is intended to be installed by one of their service centres/dealers, though some places sell it on easier just to send to mode or similar as they'll have the latest/correct parts
  3. There's no 2% so part throttle from closed cant be touched till 5% or you can change numbers in table to sacrifice somewhere else, rpm breaks are at strange intervals and more tps = less rpm and vice versa. there just not as nice to get a good setup, the boxes corrode and there's physically not enough room on some bikes as everythings so big
  4. Wouldn't bother with rapid bike, the ones i have got a nice setup with the units have failed soon after and the tables dont have enough cells to allow decent adjustment, plus the shear size of the loom and unit
  5. Robw

    HM Quickshifter

    yep their looms are the same for all suzuki's
  6. Anything 50/54 will fit, but spindle and caliper fitments become and issue, some forks run tall caliper mounts and narrow calipers, others the other way round so wrong choice could leave you with limited disc choices. Wheel/disc fitment is dictated by the yokes, easier to stick within a brand as generally theyre pretty similar
  7. I think the only noticeable difference is reduced chain life
  8. Robw


    I've not tried but i doubt it as the sofware and communication on those is pretty archaic
  9. Might be worth trying ellis moore as he makes gears, mainly for classic stuff, but usually uprated replacements for problem gears. I dont have any contact details im afraid but he's mentioned in various forums so worth a search
  10. Depends what the hole setup is, hyperpro are progressive so mask poor damping to an extent, personally id start with another set of damper rods and fit emulators and springs. Then the oil weight is selected to give sufficient rebound and compression is set by the emulator
  11. looking at spe card, later shock is shorter with a heavier spring, id guess the reservoir position changed as the cylinder head part number is different which would be the main factor if it didnt fit
  12. Robw

    Twin or h lines?

    Makes no difference performance wise, number of parts, cost, available space, acu requirements are the only differences
  13. Robw

    BST Hubs / Adapters

    They'e bonded in same as dymag and not cost effective to change usually
  14. Dave Rowe, EPS motorsport for Motec https://www.epsmotorsport.com/
  15. Robw

    Ktech springs

    The springs are hung on a wire when powdercoated, the mark is usually touched up after. can you not just turn the spring so it cant be seen
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