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  1. Robw

    Minitwin SV650 fork setup - opinions needed

    Depends what the hole setup is, hyperpro are progressive so mask poor damping to an extent, personally id start with another set of damper rods and fit emulators and springs. Then the oil weight is selected to give sufficient rebound and compression is set by the emulator
  2. looking at spe card, later shock is shorter with a heavier spring, id guess the reservoir position changed as the cylinder head part number is different which would be the main factor if it didnt fit
  3. Robw

    Twin or h lines?

    Makes no difference performance wise, number of parts, cost, available space, acu requirements are the only differences
  4. Robw

    BST Hubs / Adapters

    They'e bonded in same as dymag and not cost effective to change usually
  5. Robw

    Specialist to make bespoke Motec loom for S1000rr

    Dave Rowe, EPS motorsport for Motec https://www.epsmotorsport.com/
  6. Robw

    Ktech springs

    The springs are hung on a wire when powdercoated, the mark is usually touched up after. can you not just turn the spring so it cant be seen
  7. Robw

    What’s your opinion on brake pads?

    Carbon based for dry (sbs, bendix, pfc) and sintered for wet, carbon based pads never really recover 100% after getting soaked
  8. Robw

    Quick Change rear wheel blocks

    The only thing i dont like about the modified lightech setup is the way they clamp on the back of the arm inside, this get in the way on some bikes, moreso with captive spacers making then not so quick release, i've modified a few by cutting the blocks down and tapping into the end of the swingarm
  9. Robw

    Cat you legally race a Cat B salvage bike

    I was always told cat a and b were break only, Alawys had to cut the headstock off and return it to my breakers on ones i've bought else they got in trouble if the frame was found to still be in circulation
  10. Robw

    Best aftermarket wheel bearings?

    B&C express are cheap for bearings, they carry bike specific sizes and dont over spec them unlike a bearing trader
  11. Robw

    Ohlins FGR

    700 is 2007, 800 is 2008, similar forks with updates, 300 is 750 long, 301 is 770, i've not looked at valving changes
  12. Robw

    Compound to hold pads in?

    Or just put a spring on the caliper pin between the pads
  13. Robw

    Matris suspension

    Matris stuff is very good and well made, but very little support, any issues and stuff has to go back to the factory. Not played with the Nitron cartridges yet, but had a look at them inside and out, well made
  14. Robw

    Power commander interchangeability

    It'll probably fit, provided tps is wired the same (assuming its a straight to injector and not a multi plug) but the fuel table wont have enough rpm for the 600
  15. Robw

    cbr600rr help

    fuel pump or tea bag filter, kinked fuel line? easiest to get a guage on it and see if its dropping

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