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  1. After some Beringer, Brembo or ISR Calipers for a 2010 R1.
  2. Bridgette

    Cadwell Park

    You won't get better than this. Just down the hill from the circuit, less than a mile I think. Perfect place to stay. http://www.barnbreaks.co.uk/ Roger & Julie Strawson Brook House Farm Watery Lane Scamblesby Lincolnshir LN11 9XL Tel: 01507 343266 or 01507 343244 Fax: 01507 343266
  3. Bridgette

    Bit of advice on 1000cc

    I'm going to frame that statement
  4. Bridgette

    Bit of advice on 1000cc

    It's not actually a 'daytime MOT', it's just an MOT. Even the police don't always know the rules, so if you get stopped, you can tell them One thing they do usually know though, is that you must have a working speedo
  5. Bridgette

    Snetterton Weather

    Oooh, thermals at the ready then!!! Brrrrrr!!!
  6. Bridgette

    Bit of advice on 1000cc

    If lights aren't fitted, then they don't figure in the MOT. If they are fitted, then they need to be working.
  7. Bridgette

    Would you use a B&B?

    Never tried, but that wouldn't stop me
  8. Bridgette

    Would you use a B&B?

    That was a consideration and might well happen. At the moment I'm having trouble just getting past the first stage. They've tightened the rules a lot now. Jay's OK, as he's half Spanish, but I'm finding it tougher to get in. Or maybe they just know me lol
  9. Bridgette

    Would you use a B&B?

    Yeah, the bike(s) was a kind of after thought and something that might come in handy but not often. Would depend on cost of insurance and repairs as to whether it's viable or not. Bike side needs more thought and investigation.
  10. Bridgette

    Would you use a B&B?

    That's sort of my reason for wanting to move now. House prices are so much cheaper at the moment due to the poor economic climate in Spain. Unemployment is 3 times greater in Spain at the minute, which is why I wanted to secure an income that isn't so dependent on the Spanish economic climate. By linking a business to the UK track days my income would be more dependent on you lot spending money than the Spanish spending money I'm closer to retirement age than I would want to be unfortunately, so being young and seeking employment isn't a problem for me If all went to plan, I wouldn't need an awful lot of income, but I would still need an income of sorts until my pension kicks in.
  11. Bridgette

    Would you use a B&B?

    Thanks, guys!! This is the type of thing I need. Good to know riders (and their wives) might use the B&B and good to know about bike hire. Never having hired one, I have no idea how these things work. Obviously I need to do a lot of research. No point making plans that will fail at the first hurdle. In this economic climate, I at least need half a chance.
  12. Bridgette

    Would you use a B&B?

    Just trying to get a feel for demand at the moment. I'm hoping to move back to Spain. If I do, I'll need an income. At the moment it's just an idea that needs exploring but it could turn out to be more than just an idea.
  13. Bridgette

    Would you use a B&B?

    Just trying to get a little feedback at the moment. If there was a B&B fairly near to Cartegena that offered Bed & breakfast, evening meal and transport to and from the circuit and airport, would you use it? Also, are there any times when you can think that it might be handy being able to hire a bike at Cartegena Circuit? All thoughts/comments welcome.
  14. Bridgette

    fairing modification help

    Dremel is your friend What bike? Honda? R6?
  15. Bridgette

    motor racing weather forcast site

    Is that like this one? http://www.motoforum.net/index.php?showtopic=35755 Actually, your one gives more info, so perhaps this can go on Members Recs too?