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  1. Layton20

    2015 r1 nice spec

    Sfs first person to see will buy 12200 quick sale no messes
  2. Layton20

    2015 r1 nice spec

    Yes still available
  3. Layton20

    2015 r1 nice spec

    £12200 for quick sale
  4. Layton20

    2015 r1 nice spec

    Hi no never crashed bought it with 1k miles on it and converted myself. It's now done 2800miles full history and more. All keys log book etc all here. Want 12650 Cheers
  5. Bike is mint and for sale on my behalf at cubo moto. Spec as follows: Crc race fairings with new paint job. Néw double bubble screen. New carbon frame and swing arm covers. New light tech chain adjusters. New moto holders rear subframe. New ktech dds rear shock. Ktech fork springs set up. New chain and sprockets. Translogic up n down blipper with warm up button. Gp4rx calipers over a grand. Brembo rcs master cylinder with abs removed. Freshly powder coated wheels. Evotech toe guard for racing. Clip ons. Race buttons on left bar. Pipe werx exhaust system plus decat. Tuned by pcr performance. Diamond rear sets diamond brake lever guard. Rng spindle bobbins new hell brake lines. 2900 miles never been dropped. I think that's it all 👍
  6. Layton20

    Recent R1 Wanted

    I have a nice 1 for sale at cubo moto.

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