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  1. Ok, thanks! To remove them from the forks I guess I can just unbolt them from the bottom, as in a standard open cartridge, right?
  2. Thanks again Robw. Meanwhile I could get my hands on the service manual, and I can see what you mean. Also, met with my team mates and given that some tools are out of stock (113-100-200), we decided to have some extra fun and fabricate our own tools! By some chance, could you provide me measurements of the tools? It's ok and understandable if you prefer not to. Thanks! BR, Tiago
  3. Thank you for your input Robw. It would make sense, at least for the first time, to have them serviced by a Ktech dealer, however there is none at the moment in Portugal (there was!). If it was Ohlins, Bitubo or ExtremeTech, would be a15 minutes trip! Also, as this is for our race bike, we may need to do some stuff on the track, and we need the to be able to do that ourselves, with our tools. BTW, our race team is based on a motocycle repair shop, so we have daily experience with conventional suspensions. Do you know what does the bleeding tool does? It seems like a manual pump piston? As for the rod pull up, we already have those multi-threaded ones, can we get away with these or do we need that DDS specific? Example: Are you aware if Ktech provides service manuals for these? Again, thanks for your tips!
  4. Hi! Been racing with conventional cartridge forks, and through the years we managed to acquire/fabricate the proper tools in order to service thoos (Ohlins BTW). However, for recently acquired a set of forks for my 2016 ZX10r that come with the closed/spring pressurized K-tech DDS cartridges, which, as it seems, require different tools and a different procedure in order to service them. Does anyone here has experience with these? Which specific tools do I need? Is there a specific procedure, check, settings that I should take into special consideration? Thanks!
  5. Hi! The forks are stock? Or have aftermarket catridges? Just for curiosity, what's a "SBK" frame?
  6. Hi, From what year ZX10R are those forks?
  7. Hi! Does the Motec SDL comes with any kind of loom/connector?
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