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    If it's a head gasket issue, though, just letting it run to 105C won't show you any water in the overflow. It's the high revs blowing exhaust gases into the coolant system that causes pressure that pushes coolant into the reservoir. Idling won't do that.
  2. Very helpful, thank you.
  3. That is very helpful, thank you. Just to be clear, you're saying that if I don't pay a road tax, nor file a SORN, then I can be fined. If I do one or the other, I'd be in the clear, right? And where are good places to find salvaged bikes (or as you put it, written off beyond economical repair) in the UK? I have all the parts i need, so I would rather buy a crashed street bike and build it the way i want with parts i have than buy a turn key race bike. Thanks again
  4. I'm coming to the UK this summer and want to build a bike to race. I'm from the US so I know what to look for and what I need to buy a bike here, but I don't know anything about the UK system. I see V5 mentioned on this site in the classifieds, but I also see you can sell the bike without a V5, so I assume the V5 is similar to a title in the states. If I buy a bike with a V5 (which is my preference if it is like a title), then do I have to pay any kind of road tax, sales tax, or any other fee if the bike will stay as off road use only? And if anyone has a 2015-16 R6 for sale, I'm interested. Doesn't need to be pretty or even a full on race bike, I'll take care of that part. Thanks! Eric
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