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  1. RSV4 RF 2015 frame no ZD4RKL007FS000114 engine no V4F1511 reluctantly after, will I, wont I, I have decided to sell our superstock Aprilia RSV4 RF (fitted with APEX ignition system, wiring loom, Lambda sensors in each exhaust, Lambda module to connect to telemetry, downshift Blipper, GPS, wheels). This bike was Built in The Aprilia Race dept in Noale, it is The same Spec of Machine Run by Luke Hedger in The BSB last season & in my opinion a serious Road Racing Machine, or Short Circuit Machine, the Bike has only done 250 miles from a full rebuild as we were plauged with Injuries last year & it has so much potential but our luck last season dictated that we never had a chance to show it. In my opinion it would be a awesome TT bike as the V4 format is the most successful engine raced at the IOM & worth a gamble to compete with the BMW/Kawasaki/Honda/ Suzuki..... Dare to be different ! The bike was not advertised previously as it was held for a TT competitor but unfortunately his sponsorship deal fell apart & I have only recently had confirmation that his sponsor cannot take the bike. It has a very Extensive spares package & to be honest everything you need to go racing or Track Daying except a few spares items, the price my seem a little high but this bike is full race package spares: 4 rear wheels 3 sprocket carriers with sprockets 3 front wheels (complete with discs & sensors) Frame subframe x2 fuel Tank x1 subframe under tray x2 new fairing x2 superstock screen X4 double bubble screen x4 new seat x2 Pipeworks Long silencer (100DB) x1 Front fairing Bkts x3 Air intake ducts LH x3 Air intake ducts RH x3 new radiator (water) x1 rad Bkts x2 new oil cooler Rad x1 Bottom fairing Mounts X2 auto blipper x1 selector drum potentiometer x1 Ignition pick up x1 fly by wire assembly x1 throttle housing x1 throttle cables x2 clutch Cable X1 coils/ plug caps x2 front wheel speed sensor x1 rear wheel speed sensor x1 footrests x10 Footrest Bkts x2 pairs side fairing bkts x8 Gear levers x2 Brake levers x2 brake gear lever bushes x8 Brake pads (brembo) front x2 ? sets brake pads rear x2 ? sets rear Shock (Maxton) superstock spec rear shock suspension linkage superstock spec rear spring x4 sizes front spring x3 sizes Clutch Basket X1 Clutch centre x2 clutch fibre plates X1 clutch steel plates X1 2 old clutches which were changed chasing a downshift problem (good clutches) clutch casing Ignition casing 1/2 Jar motul oil (20L jar) filters x4 Maxton suspension adjustment tools Apex Palm Pad (for setting Apex up) data download cable you will require a dongle for computer to read telemetry as they expire after 12 months & spare Exhaust system & Bigger capacity Tank if You intend doing TT (available on line for £1600 approx price £25,000
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