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  1. Greg d

    07 onwards r6 428 chain conversion.

    Thanks for the reply, It's taken a while to msg back. Is it worth trying? i will probably have to order 10 sprockets of both front and rear to try this out for myself, guessing the idea maynot have taken off commercial wise.
  2. Greg d

    07 onwards r6 428 chain conversion.

    Thanks for the input, did you ever ride with the 428 just to see what it feels like?
  3. Has anybody ever tried the 428 chain and sprockets kit as sold by T3 racing on the yamaha r6, 2007 onwards? Interested to know the effects of improved acceleration etc. If so, is there a tangible, noticeable difference? Thanks
  4. Hi, Looking for a set of brembo hpk discs, 310 or 320 dia for yamaha r6 late 2006 (2co1) onwards. Thanks.

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