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  1. Hello, my name is Lasse from Germany and I enjoy very much reading in this forum. I would like to share one topic with you, that we had in our german race forum. In 2017 a lot of trackday riders had problems with the Yamaha RN32 engine. Several people experienced engine failures like broken crankshafts, broken conrods, etc...... What is also important to know is that most of the engines were totally stock. I would like to know if you experienced the same ? Best regards and sorry for my english Lasse
  2. thanks so far I agree 100 % What do you think on the Aprilia RF ? Had a Mille Factory the bearing of the con rod crank failed, so dont know if I want to spend again that much money and risk an engine crash. Looking forward to hear more opinions
  3. Hello, I am from Germany and know that the english have a good club racing and track day scene. Therefore my question to you, after 3 years break doing track days and racing: Wich bike is the best bike to buy, if you want to have a competitive bike in the 1000 cc group ? I am looking for a reliable bike wich is good with minor tuning, like shock and cartridge .... I think I will decide between the new R1, S 1000 rr .... I had a cbr 1000 sc59 wich was great, but on long straights like Mugello you had no chance against riders with the same level. Looking forward to hear your ideas
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