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  1. I have front calipers off a 2015 R1M. They are different from standard as they are unpainted and look real trick. Perfect condition. Message me for photos and to discuss price. Scott.goldrick@gmail.com
  2. I have a front and rear wheel from my Yamaha R1 2015. They are spare as I upgraded to OZ wheels. Totally straight and true. Small use marks but nothing of any concern. Red Yamaha decals as standard. No tyres included, although scrubs available. Sprocket carrier included. Message me for pictures and to discuss price. Scott.goldrick@gmail.com
  3. I have a genuine Yamaha CCU unit including all parts. This is the option that is included on the R1M but was purchased separately to provide automatic lap timing displayed on your stock dash. You can also download data logging from the bike with this to show speed, gears, lean angle etc...very trick. You can also set up your riding modes remotely with this kit. It is brilliant for track use but equally as good for road use as you can review your data from your ride out. The kit is as new with the exception of the mounting bracket as I modded this to accommodate other equipment. Yamaha sell this part separate if required however my bracket will do what you need. Bought as an extra from Yamaha Chester, receipts can be provided to authenticate if required. Photos can be provided if requested. Message me to discuss price. Scott.goldrick@gmail.com
  4. Hi Could you please forward pics to scott.goldrick@gmail.com Thanks
  5. What year R1? Are these Piega aluminium? What stops the rear being brand new? Delivery included?
  6. Lightech Chain Adjusters in black. Only two months old and only done one trackday so mint condition. Cost £198 when new so will sell for £160 incl postage. scott.goldrick@gmail.com 07909 690241
  7. In black with pins for under forks. Very nice indeed and loads better than caliper type. Easy removal of calipers whilst on the stand and looks the bomb! £170 new so looking for £110 Scott.goldrick@gmail.com 07909 690241
  8. For BMW S1000rr. £385 for kit as new so looking for £300 May sell without lead if price is right. Scott.goldrick@gmail.com 07909 690241
  9. DL complete kit of timer, bracket and cable is £385 new. I think £300 ono. is fair?
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