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  1. My R6 5eb/ mt pre injection parts now finally on ebay , please see my other items..... theres also a pc3 and 02 optimiser for R6 , later models - please see in my other items. Also a sidestand for a 5SL - please see my other items. cheers. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/292468547826?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  2. 2thstop

    R6 13s parts

    can you send me pics and details of the nova box , also do you have a tidy standard box? specifically input and output shafts , also currently looking for a crank for a refresh but may be interested in you engine ? where are you based etc. ? can you send me some details mteg@hotmail.co.uk i will give you a call also thanks.
  3. As above , parts needed , must be in vgc , let me know what you got via pm if preferred ,or any options , Cheers.
  4. 2thstop

    R6 13S / 2CO crank, con rods and valves

    any pics of crank ?where are u based ? , cheers , reply pm if u like , thanks. or pics to mteg@hotmail.co.uk cheers.
  5. power commander 3 usb and 02 optimiser sold together (both needed for better results) - came off my 2009 r6 13s and was fuelling well., website lists it as fitting 06 onwards so will fit other models , possibly earlier r6s too ? power commander number 418-410 also says for 418-411-430-411 090201. The 02 optimiser is number 66391207 pm me with an email address for pics , cheers. offers -
  6. 2thstop

    r6 pre injection 5eb / mt parts clearout

    note after a check i've realised that as well as being blank the upper crank case has a damaged bore ! top of cylinder 4 (when it dropped a valve) damage at top but just below the rings line , so i'm thinking it will be buggered unless someone really going to town on one financially. bottom half and crank look good though.. shame , but just a heads up, i wanted to attach pics but can't seem to add items as too large and i can't re size, but if anyone interested send me an email address for pics. other parts listed above still available.
  7. Power commander 3 usb and 02 optimiser included (need them both for better results and package) all as used on my stock R6 (pipe and filter only) was fuelling well 117rwhp . £120 plus postage pc3 is number 418-430 for 418-411-430-411 also part number 090201 on website it says for R6 from 2006 - 2008 but was fitted on my 2009 13s model , so assuming it will fit others and maybe earlier too. 02 optimiser was also used on my bike 2009 r6 13s so assuming it will aslo fit 2006-2009 at least and poss more 02 optimiser part no. 66391207 pm me with an email address and i will send pics , cant seem to re size them to attach here for some reason. cheers.
  8. 2thstop

    r6 pre injection 5eb / mt parts clearout

    for those recent contacts , back to the top , see 2nd post down (09) dec for whats sold . cheers.
  9. 2thstop

    r6 pre injection 5eb / mt parts clearout

    -----rear sprocket bundle , front sprocket, ses clip ons, inlet rubbers and velocity stacks all sold-----
  10. final used parts remaining, all plus post and packing or collection welcome, near peterborough. crankshaft with flywheel - nos 22222 112 c -£40 con rods set of 4 £40 pistons set of 4 with gudgeon pins -£30 carbs , spares been on the bike once on dyno - £85 rear sprocket bundle - carrier with bearing and 48teeth, 520 renthal sprocket+ 50teeth, 520 renthal sprocket -£48 front sprocket , renthal 520,14teeth with 2 lock washers , 1 new £12.50 standard 5eb / 5sl clip ons -£25 ses aftermarket clip ons (43mm) (no tubes 22mm) - bit too low for me / also work reversed -£30.00 bottom yoke and steering stem -£20.00 top and bottom yokes and steer stem -£50 front axle and spacers -£10 made lightweight ally exhaust can hanger - £7.50 sump , with oil level sensor (helicoil repaired drain plug) -£12 crank position sensor - £8 cdi ignition unit / igniter -£45 swingarms x 2 - £12.50 each --- collection only on these ------- clutch basket and bearing -£30 stock headers , tatty - £10 stock velocity stacks and inlet rubbers (1 v stack damaged) £15 stock camshafts -£25 top engine casing factory blank unstamped - collection only------ bottom engine casing to match the top -collection only ----- == offers on casings , got to go. pics via email mteg@hotmail.co.uk or txt 07773 668046 for bundle enquiries. cheers. mods please move the casings if need be ,into without v5 section , cheers.
  11. 2thstop

    Daniel Hegarty

    sad sad news RIP, condolences to friends and family
  12. 2thstop

    Pirelli wet scrubs

    seems you can't get pms for whatever reason , you can email me any pics / info to mteg@hotmail.co.uk cheers
  13. 2thstop

    Pirelli wet scrubs

    Same here , do you still have wets ? if so which compound , any pics ,cheers. will pm u also.
  14. 2thstop

    tyre warmer / warmers

    Now sorted , thanks harry turner2011

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