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  1. graeme4130

    Super high Spec ZX10R

    Hi Sean Sorry, now sold
  2. graeme4130

    Starting out @14

    If he's only ridden mini moto, get him to step onto something more inbetween that and a big bike before you start taking him on track days where he'll be mixing in with 600's and 1000's. Plenty of kids his age and younger ride and race pit bikes or metrakits, which is a good stepping stone with gears to a bigger bike, and you can ride them on Kart tracks at any age on practice days, which will get him up to speed far quicker than dumping him at the deep end at a trackday where it might scare the life out of him (I'm assuming he's only ridden mini motos so far) My son's 11, and he raced Mini moto in the british champs (Cool-Fab), and is now moving onto a metrakit. He's been riding a 140cc 4 speed pit bike for about a year now, and has just moved into racing a Metrakit GP50, which is a good stepping stone for him to do his ACU when he turns 12 and possibly race in Superteens or something similar if he wants.
  3. graeme4130


    Get that pressure tested Arran. No way it should be spitting water out at 85deg. You might be lucky and it just be the rad cap, but I'd suggest that sounds more head gasket. When you change cap, also pull off all the hoses and give them a good clean out where they mount, and make sure all the clips are tight and in good condition. Don't be temped to run clear coolant to race either as if you crash and spunk it all over the track, you'll make a right mess and it can be dangerous - Especially if your bike's throwing it out the expansion bottle
  4. graeme4130

    Kawasaki zx6r 2014

    If you're interested in upgrading to a thou, I have a nice ZX10R I'd take your 600 and cash for if a deal could be done ?
  5. graeme4130

    Supersport zx6 2012

    I've got nice ZX10R if you're interested in chopping your bike in against it ? Got WOW's and a load of spares too
  6. graeme4130

    Super high Spec ZX10R

    I've posted it up on eBay with extra pics, but any questions, please give me a call - 07595 591612 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/292502176836
  7. I'm selling my spare/rain bike to help fund my son's racing (bloody kids) It's a super high spec 2014 ZX10R that has seen little use in the last 12 months, but has been kept in super good condition and maintained regardless of costs. It's had a recent engine strip and check and the Headgasket and Oil Cooler replaced. Many people in the NLR paddock will know my bikes and know that I throw cash at them as a replacement for talent I'd also consider a swap for a good spec recent ZX6R and cash The Spec is as follows and many of the upgrades have been made in last year (I have both keys and a massive pile of receipts too): 2014 Kawasaki ZX10R Ohlins 30mm Fork Internals (Fully serviced Jan 18 with reciept) Ohlins TTX-GP rear Shock (Fully serviced Jan 18 with reciept) Starlane Davinci-S Dash and Lap Timer (new 17) Full Arrow Titanium Race Exhaust System (with removable Baffle - 102db without and 98db with) Brembo M4 Racing Calipers Brembo HPK Floating Discs (new 17)
Probolt Titanium Rotor Bolts SBS Dual Carbon pads Brembo 18/20 M/C Flashed ECU and Woolich Software through MSS Oz Piega Forged lightweight front Wheel (new 17, standard Rear) MSS Modified tank - Straight through bolt Translogic Quickshifter (race shift)
 Woolich Launch Control (new 17)
 Woolich Pitlane Limiter (new 17) Reactive parts Lock Stops Lightech Rearsets (new 17) Lightech Folding Clutch Lever CarbonPro Brake lever Guard MSS Shimmed and rebuilt race gearbox with all new gears (Summer 17 with large reciept) Carbon Components Frame covers CRC Race clock bracket Ohlins race Steering Damper (revalved by JHS Racing) L74 Racing quick Wheel Change kit Brembo Racing rear Underslung Caliper HRC racing rear reservoir delete kit (brand new not fitted) Domino XM2 Quick Action throttle Lightech Chain Adjusters Woodcraft Engine Covers Renthal Racing Clip ons (Gen 3, new as replaced under recall Jan 18) CRC Race fairings/Screen (pro painted by Dayo Racing 2017) DID 520 Race Chain Rental/Afam Sprockets Samco Silicone Hoses GB Racing Shark Fin GB Racing Paddock Stand Bobbins HEL Braided Lines Captive Spacers ProBolt Titanium Brake and Fork Bolts Accossato Superbike Switchgear Lightweight Lithium Racing Battery (new March 18)
Hard wired rain light I will put on a brand new set of Pirelli SC1 Superbike Slicks before sale too I have some spares including Newish Pirelli Wets on wheels with new brembo race discs available by separate negotiation Video from last summer - typical wet British summers day https://youtu.be/ZjoWyCpwYlg?t=16m14s More pics and details available on request 07595 591612
  8. graeme4130

    2016+ ZX10R Maxton Fr/Rr

    Ideally, I'd like to sell it as a set, but if it doesn't sell that way, I'll end up splitting it
  9. graeme4130

    2016+ ZX10R Maxton Fr/Rr

    I have for sale a 1yr old Maxton GP30 Fork Kit and Gp10 Rear shock with remote adjuster for a 2016+ ZX10R and ZX10RR.Also comes with Maxton toolkitThese have just had a full service at RJS Superbikes after Christmas with receipt and are in exceptional conditionRetail on this set up is around £2,700, and will take £1,600 ONOCollection Swindon or can post at extra cost Pics and more details - 07595 591612 Cheers Graeme
  10. graeme4130

    european medical insurance

    I think it's only for Almeria. Something about the circuit will always send accidents to the local private hospital, and that most insurers won't cover the cost of private healthcare. Holidaysafe or Bemoto standard insurance is normally about £30 for 3 days cover, but the policies needed for Private hospitals to align with FE's rules, are more like £150-200 !!!
  11. graeme4130

    zx10r electronic damper

    If you can't turn the fault code off in the ECU, you can always remove the motor from the damper (it's very small) and leave it plugged in, but tucked out the way under the front tank cover
  12. graeme4130

    Titanium Suspension Linkage Bolts - ACU regs?

    I'd interpret that as they're allowed too, but like said above, check the regs for the series incase they are excluded there
  13. graeme4130

    badges for leathers

    Or Hills4leathers
  14. graeme4130

    zx10r wheels

    The rear is identical, so you can swap between the bikes The front is totally different as the forks on the 16+ bikes are wider, so the hubs and disc spacing is different Also, the standard front discs on a 16+ are 330mm and the 310or320 on the 11-15, so the discs wouldn't carry over even if you could space them correctly
  15. graeme4130


    4 sessions isn't too bad, as it means you get a bigger break between riding. The only thing that bugs me on 4 session days is that you're not at the same time after the hour each session (ie 9:20/10:20/11:20) so you have to keep an eye out for when your group's going out. Like said above, it does mean there's a bit more sitting around (60mins between sessions instead of 40), but that's not always a bad thing

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