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  1. Race Bike Insurance

    Can you elaborate on that please as I use them ? Have never had to make a claim, but all seemed ok (although it would as they were taking my money)
  2. EBC 310mm Discs - ZX10R

    I've got a set of decent condition EBC Contour discs for a 2011-15 ZX10R Just been straightened by motor liner, and good condition Perfect for a set of wets or road use, but they don't deal with Mega heat well, so wouldn't use them for dry racing if I'm being honest Cost £240/pr, will take £100 posted for the pair of £80 collection from Swindon
  3. Castle Combe Grand National - F400

    Nice riding
  4. Zx6R kit software and download lead

    I'm not sure it's the same lead, but the one for the KIT ECU/Loom on my 2016 ZX10R was around £740 new and only available from Corby Kawasaki as generally they only get sold to race teams I managed to source a 2nd hand one for about half that, but they're still bloody expensive for what's effectively a lead with a box on it
  5. Wanted - Oulton 5th July Fast group

    As per title, I'm after a fast group slot (or possibly inters) at Oulton next Wednesday 5th July if anyone can't go
  6. MSS subframe and undertray

    Sorry for pointing out the obvious, but have you asked MSS ? They're normally decent at responding, even it's a message through their Facebook page
  7. As per the title, I'm after a standard Dash for a 2016+ ZX10R if anyone has one they want to sell ?
  8. 2015+ R1

    Hi sorry, I'm sorted now, but thanks anyway
  9. I have a full set of CRC fairings and tank for sale for a 2011-15 ZX10R - Everything you could need for a full colour change or convert a road bike to a race/track bike. All in good condition, but a few scratches on the right side panel from a drop into the gravel, but nothing that couldn't easily be touched up or painted out. Comes with brand new screen and CRC seat pad unit/MSS bum stop All logos/numbers are stickers, so easily removed Would consider selling tank separately for £375 if doesn't go with full set Offers around £690 Nice paint job and very unique - For pics, text or call 07595 591612
  10. 2015+ R1

    I'm looking for a 2015+ R1 race bike if anyone has anything for sale or knows of one ? cheers graeme
  11. Ebay link doesn't work ?
  12. BST Carbon ZX10R

    BST Carbon ZX10R front wheel for 2011-2015 model (would possibly fit a 2016+ model too) Immaculate condition, bought 2016 showing a 2015 manufacturing date Used for Track only, so never seen pothole damage as a road wheel would Pics in the listing http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/292078443026?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 would take £800 through the forum
  13. Capit tyre warmers repair???

    I had the same issue with a newish rear capit. It's currently being sent back to Italy for them to inspect and repair/replace it
  14. New to racing questions

    Thanks for the help all and especially Tommy it was certainly a baptism of fire after a few gearbox problems on the test day (bloody ZX10R gearboxes) meant I didn't have full use of gears and getting through the gears was hard work anyway, struggled through qualifying in 19th of 39 gof to the grid and got a reasonable launch, but then couldn't get into 2nd, so hit the first corner in about 35th. Muscled my way through the field over a couple of laps up to 15th or so and then had another mechanical with the fuel pump and ended up around 100bhp down, so lost a few places back to 19th where I first started properly enjoyed it though, and was buzzing after the race bike's in MSS today getting fixed, so looking for another race to get signed up to now
  15. New to racing questions

    Thanks Andy. Looking forward to it and crossing my fingers that this weekends weather is better than yesterday at Oulton