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  1. european medical insurance

    I think it's only for Almeria. Something about the circuit will always send accidents to the local private hospital, and that most insurers won't cover the cost of private healthcare. Holidaysafe or Bemoto standard insurance is normally about £30 for 3 days cover, but the policies needed for Private hospitals to align with FE's rules, are more like £150-200 !!!
  2. zx10r electronic damper

    If you can't turn the fault code off in the ECU, you can always remove the motor from the damper (it's very small) and leave it plugged in, but tucked out the way under the front tank cover
  3. Titanium Suspension Linkage Bolts - ACU regs?

    I'd interpret that as they're allowed too, but like said above, check the regs for the series incase they are excluded there
  4. badges for leathers

    Or Hills4leathers
  5. zx10r wheels

    The rear is identical, so you can swap between the bikes The front is totally different as the forks on the 16+ bikes are wider, so the hubs and disc spacing is different Also, the standard front discs on a 16+ are 330mm and the 310or320 on the 11-15, so the discs wouldn't carry over even if you could space them correctly

    4 sessions isn't too bad, as it means you get a bigger break between riding. The only thing that bugs me on 4 session days is that you're not at the same time after the hour each session (ie 9:20/10:20/11:20) so you have to keep an eye out for when your group's going out. Like said above, it does mean there's a bit more sitting around (60mins between sessions instead of 40), but that's not always a bad thing
  7. focused events chrono timing

    On their UK days, they are supposed to re-allocate groups at lunchtime, which invariably means you get a better afternoon, but a high chance of a red flag or two just before lunch as every one tries to throw in a super-pole lap so they don't get bumped down from Fast to Novice For their Euro days, I understand they re-allocate at the end of each day for the following day, and then again repeated No Limits now use a disposable timing system, which is a transponder sticker you put on your bike. They don't do a formal move around each day, but just pick up on any odd times where someone's WSBK pace in novice, or Sunday rider paced in fast, or if they've had a load of people not turn up in one group, they'll balance them out a bit better
  8. Zx6r launch control

    Woolich do some ECU software that has Launch Control and a Pitlane Limiter built into it Give Tom or Nick at MSS a call on 07713 852787
  9. almeria

    I ran 16/44 there on a 2014 ZX10R and was about right for the Wet conditions I had. Hit the limiter in 6th a couple of times, so would run 16/43 in the dry I did a GPS 166 in the wet, so would've thought 170-80 would be achievable in the dry and you can really carry some speed through the last corner into the straight when it's dry (I assume as it bloody lashed it down both days I was there)
  10. Bridgestone V02 Slicks advice

    The rears run a lot better with lower pressures. I use 20-21 rear depending on track temps, and run 35ish front. Medium Front, Soft rear. The front mediums tend to roll a lot less on the carcass than the soft fronts, and the medium feels a like more like something like a Dunlop KR racing slick front. As said above, the Vo2's (like the Dunlop KR's) will grip similarly from start to finish, whereas a Pirelli Superbike slick will be amazing for about 10 laps and then fall off a cliff Bob Collins at FWR is your best bet for a good deal on a pair of VO2's too
  11. Do any clubs in uk do any one day meetings anymore?

    I agree about the time away from home for a normal race weekend, but a single day'er seems a lot of hassle for what would only likely be 2 races. At least over a weekend, a normal class would get 4
  12. Quick Change rear wheel blocks

    I have L74 kits on both my bikes. Really well engineered, and Lee is an easy guy to deal with, so if you need something special or different made up, he's very accommodating and can sort you out
  13. Do any clubs in uk do any one day meetings anymore?

    Most clubs racing at Oulton only do a single day (saturday)
  14. zx10r 2017

    I run a Pipewerx similar to above on a 2016. Makes 103 without baffle and 98 with. Sond testing has a lot of variables in it, and the testers sometimes appear to make it up as they go along, so you can expect +/-2 db on that, but it's never failed anywhere with the baffle in
  15. Race Bike Insurance

    Can you elaborate on that please as I use them ? Have never had to make a claim, but all seemed ok (although it would as they were taking my money)