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  1. For sale i have a brand new boxed ohlins front fork kit Fits 08-11 only Part Number - OHLINS FPK 101 consists of 2 x Rebound assy 2 x Compression assy £165 posted
  2. Hi mate still for sale? Very interested. If you could change the wires for me I have honda cbr1000rr Pics? chris85paule@gmail.com
  3. chris85paule


    Still for sale?
  4. chris85paule

    Quickshifter translogic durashift new

    Hi, is this just the sensor only? or control box aswell etc IS4 type?
  5. - front forks 08-11 style - fits 08-16 recently refurbished - black - £320 rhs oem clip on with bar oem bar end - 30 lhs switchgear - 35 lhs oem clipon small damage to end useable though - 15 rider seat - 25 oem standard rearsets with brake lever, gear lever and rod etc - 50 oem front brake discs *fit abs aswell* - 85 rear oem disc *fits abs aswell* - 15 rear galfer wavy disc - 50 12-16 lhs and rhs airducts - had flapper mod done - 35 each side various 12-16 trim panels some brand new in packet please message me what you need standard 12-16 rear tray - 35 oem 08-13 headers - 35 front axle - 15 clutch cable - 10 suspension linkage and plates - 20 clutch perch - 10 rear caliper - abs bronze colour - 20 rear caliper bracket for abs - 15 sprocket cover oem - 10 08-11 rear shock - 20 standard chainguard - 10 Please reply with email address or number, on here or PM me. Will send pics etc Payment by paypal goods and/or bank transfer Will ship worldwide at cost
  6. chris85paule

    BREAKING Honda CBR1000rr 08-16

    Hi I don’t at the moment sorry
  7. chris85paule

    BREAKING Honda CBR1000rr 08-16

    Pm sent
  8. chris85paule

    2008 cbr1000rr air ducts/tubes

    Standard or race?
  9. chris85paule

    BREAKING Honda CBR1000rr 08-16

    HI, yeah have standard clipons, £60 posted with clutch perch, inner weights and bar ends
  10. chris85paule

    BREAKING Honda CBR1000rr 08-16

    no sorry
  11. chris85paule

    BREAKING Honda CBR1000rr 08-16

    Just standard. Have fully complete unit £50 posted
  12. chris85paule

    BREAKING Honda CBR1000rr 08-16

    Yeah, just the headers, link pipe etc on both! Well leo vince has a can, but not a leo vince one. Just a smallish race can Leo vince system £400 posted For complete wheels and discs all round, sprocket carrier etc - £500 posted
  13. chris85paule

    BREAKING Honda CBR1000rr 08-16

    I have a full Leo Vince and a full arko systems for sale but no end can wheels are the standard 3 spoke as per 08-11 in black thanks
  14. chris85paule

    BREAKING Honda CBR1000rr 08-16

    Hi all.... Im breaking a complete 2010 cbr1000rr All parts available Most parts fit 08-16. Please dont be afriad to ask
  15. For sale i have a brand new in honda box, OEM rear wheel, the 12+ multi spoke style Comes with all brand new bearings and valve etc In Black fits all years cbr1000rr 08-16 and 04-07 aswell i think £275 posted

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